I am a master debater and a cunning linguist - Part 2 of 2.  

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5/30/2005 12:17 pm

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I am a master debater and a cunning linguist - Part 2 of 2.

I love eating pussy. I have no idea when I realized this, but I do. Barring any sort of hygienic issues, I will eat pussy for hours. I remember one time I went at it for so long and with such wild abandon that I made myself light headed and my face went numb from the lack of oxygen going to my brain. In the beginning I had absolutely no technique. I took to it like I was at a country fair pie eating contest. I wasn’t until I was 19 and fucking a woman sixteen years my senior that I learned how to do it correctly. She simply said,

“Slow down, this isn’t a race. I’ll cum for you but you need to take your time. You can either do it right or not do it at all.”

I had mistaken enthusiasm for style and now I was about to be schooled. Lida (more about her later) taught me the “in’s and out’s” of eating pussy. She taught me about sucking toes and licking behind the knee. About the hip bone and that spot where the thigh meets the hip. Licking around before licking in. Lida always said that sometimes anticipation of the moment is better than the moment itself. It wasn’t easy holding back. I wanted to get all up in that and suck the flavor right out, but it was her classroom and her rules.

Lida’s instructions hold true to this day. I think a lot of women feel that very few men can perform great oral sex. I love getting a woman to cum in my mouth, there’s a real intimate moment there. Also, if I can get a woman to cum during oral sex it takes some of the pressure off me during intercourse.

Guys, do yourself a favor and ask your partner want she wants and how she wants it. There are many rewards for becoming the best at what you do.


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