I am a master debater and a cunning linguist - Part 1 of 1.  

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5/30/2005 11:50 am

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I am a master debater and a cunning linguist - Part 1 of 1.

I knew about the concept of masturbation long before I had figured out the mechanics of it. Like most, if not all young boys I was subject to the occasional wet dream and I knew it felt good. I can remember one time when I was younger, I was building a plastic model in the basement and my father was working on something at his workbench when out of the blue he says to me,

“Your mother is getting tired of washing your sheets all the time. Knock it off.”

No more, nothing else, just that. Keep in mind I hadn’t actually figured out how to masturbate yet, I just had an overactive subconscious and now I was being harassed for it. No wonder I’m just a little left of center.

I had tried several times to masturbate without achieving the desired effect before actually reaching my goal. I was in 7th or 8th grade. One of my friends had not only started school and year late, but he had also been held back a year which made him two years older than the rest of us and in our book of social standing…way fucking cool. Jerry was not only older but a genius, high IQ and all. He tested at college levels in grade school, but he couldn’t focus that energy. Instead he built bombs, corrected teachers and wrote erotica. The first story he wrote was centered around Miss B. who was our Social Studies teacher. It was the classic student/teacher seduction way before Mary Kay Letourneau had even thought about teaching. Miss B. was average looking with huge tits and the boys locker room was usually filled with non-stop conversation regarding her endowments. In Jerry’s story he went into detail about how he would go home, grab a handful of Vaseline and jerk off thinking about what Miss B. would to do him. The story finished with the two of them having sex, but for me the paragraph about the Vaseline lit the bulb above my head. I knew I wanted to get from “A” to “C” but I was missing “B”. Turns out “B” was actually “V”. I rushed home after school that day, ran upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom. I dropped trow, grabbed a handful of Vaseline and started flogging the dolphin. It definitely felt weird at first but I knew I was onto something. All of a sudden my knees buckled, my hips jerked and head(s) exploded. I had finally cum on my own through masturbation. This was the greatest feeling in the world! I had a new full time hobby. Once I figured out how to do this, I beat my poor penis into submission. I mean I wailed on that fucker. Five, sometimes six times in a day. I also realized that Vaseline was not water soluble and did not clean up easily, but I did have a very soft penis. I went through so much Vaseline that I had to skim money from my paper route to keep up the supply levels.

Even though I am having sex on a regular basis, I still masturbate frequently. I do it to relieve stress, to help me fall asleep, and because ultimately it feels good. I’ve developed a very close and personal relationship with my penis. A relationship that I have no intention of ending.


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