And the southern girls with the way they talk...  

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5/31/2005 12:08 pm

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And the southern girls with the way they talk...

There’s something about southern women that make my guts go gooey. Part of it is the accent, but there’s something more. I think it has to do with the way that they view men. The few southern women that have graced me with the honor of fucking them seem to have it deeply ingrained that pleasing their man is very important. Now before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I don’t mean this in a subservient way. I mean that southern girls seem to have a very deep sense of traditional roles and they seem to have way more tolerance than most women. The man goes to work and the woman manages and maintains the household. In a world where we worry about who wears the pants in the family and “I’m the primary wage earner…blah, blah, blah”, it’s nice to see that to some extent the traditional values still exist. Believe me, I have no desire to keep the little woman barefoot and pregnant. To the contrary since I am not fond of children you can get your sweet little ass out there and earn some dough. I work, you work, we both work. But somewhere in the back of my mind being treated like the king of the castle is very appealing.

I have known two southern women very well, but not in the biblical sense. One was a girlfriend’s mother who was born and raised in South Carolina. This woman is was the dictionary definition of southern charm. Not only was she incredibly hospitable to me every time at was at her house, she put up with the shit that her second husband (now ex) dished out on a regular basis. This guy was the biggest douche on the face of the planet. He was so bad, I was embarrassed to be a man. This guy fucked a hooker bareback and then came home and told his wife they couldn’t have sex until the AIDS test came back. The same guy, while moving to Florida, sold all of her furniture out of the back of the U-Haul because he didn’t have a job lined up. Now granted she was equally to blame for this misery because she put up with it but that woman stood by him through arrests, cheating, lying, stealing and all other sorts of crap most women wouldn’t even consider putting up with. She has since divorced and moved on and despite all that has happened maintains that southern charm.

The other southern belle in my life is a woman I met through the AOL chat rooms almost eight years ago. I have never seen her face to face and yet I am closer to her than most people. Ours is a strange relationship to say the least but it has survived both time and distance. She is in the software development field and earns a decent wage. After work she comes home, manages the household, including the children and puts dinner on the table. From the conversations we have had and the emails we’ve exchanged, I get the feeling her husband is less than active in the day-to-day household bullshit. Yet she’s been married to him for almost thirteen years. In my eyes this woman is a fucking saint. If I was in a relationship that was 80/20 I would be fit to be tied. I do my best to keep my relationships 50/50. Granted sometimes one person needs to pull a little more than their share, but southern women seem to do their part and then some. Then again, I could be talking out of my ass.

Maybe the south is something to look into. Things that make you go hmmmm.


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