Gotta love an Ex  

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9/15/2005 6:55 am

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Gotta love an Ex

Lets just say I had an early morning conversation with my ex-girlfriend. A bunch of stuff got brought up. Now I truly loved this woman. A part of me still does. The woman just cannot think of anyone but herself. At times she tends to make me feel like shit, so I try not to talk to her much. But at the times I do talk to her and she starts to do it, I tell her about it. This always tends to make her tell me that I am mean for making her feel bad. The woman just expects me to be there when she is down. She also expects me not to get hurt or upset at all. It is the main problem with us. She is younger than I and had led a somewhat sheltered life. We broke up because commitment scared the shit out of her and she wanted to live and enjoy her life for awhile. The sad thing is that she still loves me. What is even sadder is that she doesn't comprehend how much she hurt me so much that I can never trust her again. I know that if I tried we could be back together. The thing is that she hasn't changed at all. I took her back once when she flipped out and I just cant do it again. She is bi-polar and she is not on meds. She needs to be but she doesn't think she needs them. When she is down she is really down. I used to be there no matter what, but now that we are not together I just cant do it. She is the type of person who takes out her moods on those she is close to. It was another of the reasons we broke up. I got tired of being the brunt of her moods and then her getting upset that I was upset and being the bad guy. All of this got brought to the surface when I was doing great. She is a bit of a user and I don't want to be her safety blanket. I do still want to be a friend but I just don't want to be like most of her friends who in my opinion is part of her "use" list. Now this is just a rant and I am down now. I just hope I didn't backslide to much on moving on. thanks for those that read this...I am Sofa King We Todd Edd

redmustang91 57M  
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9/15/2005 7:59 am

I totally disagree with trying to be "friends" with someone you still love and cannot live with and feel she is a user. A clean break is called for here. the first rule of Life savings is don't let the drowning person take you down with them!

Live long and prosper!

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