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3/23/2006 11:25 am

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I am sitting here in my hotel room, thinking. Man is that the start to trouble or what. I am thinking of all the little romantic things that I have done over the years. The ones that put a smile on her face, the ones that made her breath catch in her throat, and the ones that made her know that she was the only woman on this planet for me.

Then a song comes on to my iTunes that changes my thoughts to the stupid shit that just makes me go 'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!'.

Take for instance, I am in England. I meet this very attractive woman at the pub. We spend about a week talking, drinking, and shopping. My last night their I can not leave well enough alone and decide that I want to have sex with her.

We go back to her flat and start making out. Gentle kisses to her neck. Lavish kisses to her wonderful pouty lips. Kissing her delicate little fingers. I work my way around her body. I work at her body and boy do I enjoy the work.

Anyway, we have sex. Not earth shattering, but enjoyable. I really enjoy our time together and it seems that she does as well. We talk during the lulls in our love making, we learn things that were more personal before.

As the morning roles on it is time for me to leave. I can see the tears in her eyes and know that mine are not far behind. We really connected. As I am hugging and kissing her good-bye I have this brilliant thought 'She wants to come to America and I want to see her again.'

I want to come to America and she has already planned her trip. I tell her that I want her to come and see me when she makes over. I give her my address, phone number, and anything else she might need to find me. AND then I give her $50 to helper to come and see me.

Did I just turn her into a prostitute? Was our night of fun and bliss just turned into a business transaction? Looking back I just don't know where the hell my head was.

woofff 41F

3/23/2006 12:23 pm

Hey Tassle, just a word on this I don't think you did anything like turn a woman you desired into a prostitute because you gave her money.There are men out there Tassle who will be heaving and groaning next to a woman who's also languid and some thing will snap in 'em and they will turn to the woman and of all things, gush 'thank you'.The one time it happened to me I almost beat up the cartoon because if not a prostitute (albeit a well mannered prostitute lol) he at least made me feel like I was someone who had just ordered his coffee at the counter instead of someone he was in bed with.I mean, seriously...all you did was try like hell to help her find you in a different continent when she made it there who-knows-when.Is so sweet I thought.

Had noticed name on my blog, T.Followed the trail back.

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