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4/21/2006 3:17 pm

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Cam Report

Okay so I am sitting in El Paso, TX last night trying to stay awake due to a scheduling mix up. My plane was at 5:30am not pm and with two hour buffer there is no need to go to sleep . So anyway, I am going through a few chat rooms and decide to check out the live cams(I have a new tou myself).

Now the guys I expected to see the cameras point to their pride. I mean everyone knows that no one is interested in anything else at the time of the morning.

What really shocked me though was the ladys that were getting down in the same fashion. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, well except that I am not there to lick a few fingers, but it just something that a woman never does.

Oh and there was a couple there that I just could not take my eyes off, besides the ones that were piddling. There was one or two hotties that caught my eye and I had to smack myself for stareing.

An this one woman, was going at it you know that I had to join her. I mean she was rubbing left, I would rub left. She circled around to the right, I circled around to the right. She stuck a finger in ass, I watched.

Well, considering that I find more entertainment on the web anyway I am sure to be there again for many nights to come. So if you see me there do not be afraid to give a little page even to just say hi. You never know I might be able to send you to one of my cam darlings.

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