31 hours and counting  

TaoistWarrior 38M
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6/12/2006 3:42 am

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7/24/2006 10:24 pm

31 hours and counting

The passions plague me!

I find myself at another crossroads in my life. The certainty that once was, at least in my illusions, has now evaporated into the ether. All that is left is me, my thoughts and my desires.

Sex has been an intense passion for many years - bordering on obsession. I tried to quench it, imprison it, shame it, celebrate it, contain it, consume it and have it consume me.

After all these years, I have been left with but one simple truth - the need for it runs as deeply through me as the blood in my veins.

So now I seek not ways to construct it in my mind, but simply modes of expression - with you, through you and through life.

Let's share in this ecstasy together

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