Long distance - A seqaul to "Crashed Out"  

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7/12/2005 11:33 pm

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Long distance - A seqaul to "Crashed Out"

Have you ever driven 6 hours for sex? Was it worth it?

It had been weeks, no sex, no company, no nothing. Now finally we are together. Alone. I am tired from the drive, but there is something primal there that keeps me going.

"How about we have sex before dinner" she says. How could I refuse?

We smile a sly smile at each other and wander casually toward the bedroom. Cloths are slowly removed, with little sideways glances at each other. We have known each other for enough years that there is no frenzy of disrobing each other. Just the casual assurance that there is no rush.

Sliding into the bed we pull each other nice and close. Looking into each other's eyes, hands sliding around each others bodys. Brushing a breast here, touching a thigh there.

I can feel the excitement building up in me, making me hard as he hand slides over my side. Anticipation rising as I imagine what is to come.

We kiss for a while, getting closer and closer, until my erection is pressed hard against her stomach. She grins at me and pushes back hard against it, the top of her pubic hair scratchy against the bottom of my penis.

"Come over here" she says, rolling onto her back and pulling me with her. I slide over her body, feeling her spread her legs apart as I move over her. I wriggle down a bit, my erection coming to rest in the cleft between her legs, pressing against her clit and lips.

Normally when we have sex we spend quite a while on oral, getting her nice and relaxed, wet and ready to be penetrated. But some times, she just wants me inside her.

I take my time, rocking my hips back and forth, sliding down a little to play with her breasts and nipples. Her eyes are closed, a smile on her face as she pushes back against me rhythmically, rubbing her self against my body and erection.

Eventually she wriggles up a bit and slides a hand in between us, reaching for my erection. She takes hold of me and rubs the tip around her lips, pushing them apart with me, a flood of warmth as they part and I am pushed into the wetness between them.

She runs my penis around her lips and clit, spreading the wetness around making it easier for me to enter, then returns the tip of me to her vagina and slipping her hand out pushes slow but firm against me.

I gasps and tense feeling myself sliding inside her. My penis beginning to tug and pull her lips with it as the juices run thin and the skin clings to skin. I pull back then push forward slowly, god it feels good, my penis slick and slippery this time along most of its length, gliding inside her.

I drag my attention away from the fabulous sensations between our legs, feeling her body against me, her breasts trapped between us, her arms around my back, one running down to my bottom. The sensations all through my body come alive, not just the hot closeness of her vagina around me.

I find her hands with mine and clasp them palm to palm, my weight pressing all along the length of her body, making us closer still. Feeling the warmth and passion flowing through our hands.

We move against each other slowly rhythmically, enjoying the intimacy shared pleasure. No hurry to get to any destination, just enjoying the moment.

Which stretched into minutes of quiet passion.

Eventually she tenses a bit, shifting her body under me, pulls her legs apart and up, rolling her hips back, squeezing down hard on my erection.

Her hands untangle themselves from mine and she pushes up hard against me. She knows how to make me cum and this is guaranteed to work. Rocking her hips back and forth accentuating the sensation of sex. Her vagina a tight band around me, slippery and tight.

I can feel my orgasm building now. She knows it an urges me on, I push harder, savoring the slick sliding sensation, looking into her eyes now, seeing that she is watching me, savoring my climax in her own way.

It hits with a hot rush, the flood of release and relief after weeks of pent up emotion. Tensing my legs and arms, forcing the sensation to build higher until it crests and then ebbs away, leaving me relaxed and feeling glorious.

Beneath me she relaxes too, my erection slowly fading, pulling out of her bit by bit. We lay there for a little while, enjoying this different intimacy, before rolling apart and cleaning up.

I ask her what I can do for her now and she considers for a moment.

"Nothing now, but after dinner maybe..." she says smiling that beautiful smile of someone quite relaxed and comfortable in the after glow of sex.

TantricTraveller 45M
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7/13/2005 3:23 pm

Thanks Spud. Glad you enjoyed it Just had a look over your blog. Sounds like you have a good thing happening. Good luck with it. Hope it continues to be fun for all.


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