Crashed out  

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7/11/2005 3:54 am

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Crashed out

It's been three weeks. Long, lonely, busy weeks of anticipation. She will be here tonight.

Masturbation looses its edge after a week or so. Since then it's just a habit. Something to help keep the mind focussed on work, and the task at hand (no pun intended).

But she will be here tonight. Probably tired, perhaps not interested in sex even, but it will be great to have someone sharing my bed for a change.

At a distance the thrill of sex with someone you are really compatable with fades. It looses it's intensity. Or perhaps that's just a way of stopping myself from going crazy with desire from not having it.

In the last few days though the anticipation, long supressed has been set free. Not long now and we can start all over again. Re-learning the intricasies of each others bodies.

This is the part I savour. Like seduction, it's enjoyable in and off itself, but you know that it's going to be nothing like the delight of sex.

The closer you get, the more certain it becomes, anticipation builds like a wave, an orgasm that breaks over you with that first touch that says yes...

At two o'clock the phone rings. On her way here she has had a car crash, hit from behind by a careless driver. She is fine, but she won't be coming now.

The wave collapses, like an interuption at just the wrong moment. Not the rolling break so hoped for, just a load of water everywhere.

Ah well, there is always tomorrow.

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