A letter from my slave I wish to share  

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12/9/2005 4:11 am

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A letter from my slave I wish to share

This is a letter from a sub/slave of mine. She will be MINE 24/7 by March. I hope you enjoy it.



walking home from the subway is most times a chore. but tonight was something special, something to get to be home with You. on my way, there were stops to be made, delicacies to be picked up; a new ravor for me, lotion so that i can be soft and smell sweet for You, whole food to eat so that i too can know Your way. in to store, i give into that voice in my head that has always said "will he like this" and with other men, i shuttered that voice because they were underserving, and i knew that they didn't respect who i had the potential to be. and with You i listen... "will He like this, would this make Him happy" and i am whole.

walking up the street in the cold (my god is was cold tonight) nipples harden against the wind that whips through my coat, but mostly the thought of speaking to You on the phone in just moments has me electrified, i look down and smile. "i feel like i am walking on clouds, no, on stars" i say to myself, and share a smile with a stranger. he smiles back, and looks at my neck, which proudly displays Your collar. Your collar. it might as well have a sign that says HIS and yet You are not there to show off your slave. ahh soon, so so so soon. i keep walking, the old me wanting to cover up my neck with my scarf, and the new me walking tall, shoulders back and head held high, for the world to see that i am Owned and i am His.

and then i see that the pavement which i am standing on is flecked with thousands of little pieces of glass that flicker by the streetlamp. and i AM walking on stars. i stop, for just a moment, because i want to be home with my Master, and i say out loud to myself "remember this moment, this one right now, this one right here, because soon, this path will just be a memory of how you got to Him." walking everyday on my path to You, to Your home, to Your life, where You will be and i can service You. take care of every need, every whim, every desire, to be Yours wholly and completely.

you were right, wearing clothes is a chore now. all i want is to be naked, but i am so naked without You, Your presence, Your domination, Your words to guide me and Your mind to inspire me.

and so now, i must sign off, to finish what i have started, to take my new razor and become Yours again and again. to be ready for You. ahh, just two hours until i can hear Your voice again, two hours until i can be with You again.

you were right again, this word Love can't encompass the desire to serve my Master. this word love can't comprehend my passion, my longing, my aching for You, my willingness to give up everything i know about myself, who i am and this life that i am leaving to become Yours and Yours alone. this word love is so small for what i feel. i am crying, big wet tears roll down my face, and my eyes weep for this feeling inside that cannot be expressed. because i cannot even express what i feel. cracked open, You have found the person inside of this shell that has been hiding, and You found me when i didn't know i wanted to be found. and love is not good enough, worship can sustain it's beauty, this old life, to be mourned, and this new life, to rejoice.

and as much as it is about sex and longing, it is more about being torn open and exposed. the vulnerability to be expressed in every way, every day, with You. to have You inside me, deep inside me, both physically with Your cock and Your hands, but to have You inside me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, is about all i can take. too much will never be enough for You and with You.

i love You.

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