Don't know didly?  

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11/23/2005 7:40 pm

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Don't know didly?

Here's a story just to let you know how much I really know.
Years ago I went to a concert featuring Willie Nelson and Bo Didly, at the invitation of Ram Das, I was allowed to go backstage and Ram Das introduced me to the Dali Lama and the late Rajneesh. As we were all talking amongst ourselves Willie Nelson came in and Ram Das introduced everyone to him. As Willie came towards me he said to the others, "Babadave already knows me, but he don't know Didly!"

So, I may not know Didly but I'm willing to learn. I've pulled alot off the internet and have read quite a bit of Rajneesh's(Osho)writings and I truly feel that the Eastern philosophies can heal emotional pain, depression, and resentments, and help to promote self worth and realization, free you from self imposed limits and allow you to choose your own path through life. It has helped me(the philosophy not the sexual aspect of it)to see myself as a part of the whole of existence, helping to open the eyes and hearts of others who don't know that there is truly greatness to Being. We all have worth, seek yours, you are welcome here, look through the internet, the library, Eastern philosophy, self help, psychology, relegion, wherever you feel comfortable, but, if you are not happy look around, you are not happy because you have built a wall around yourself. There you are. Why not go somewhere else, seek, learn the way.....~baba

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