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11/12/2005 4:33 pm

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Disaster Relief Group

Although I said that there would be no costs whatsoever for the TantraWorkshop group the ongoing disasters worldwide have about changed my mind, I donated all I could to Katrina victim relief funds(mostly American Red Cross)and our family has sent several hundred to the Red Cresent, it's Asian counterpart for the earthquake victim relief. The tsunami in Indonesia and Thailand and elswhere was the largest natural disaster in 29 years and in Tang Shan China in 1976 over 760,000 people died in one single earthquake.
Easily overlooked is the destruction to the coastal areas of Northern Japan, small villages and sometimes large suburban areas of coastal cities and sometimes the entire harbor area is rendered totally useless. The Japaneese government, though aware of this, have contributed almost nothing to help the areas affected. Local communities are usually left to repair the damage by themselves after the military have restored order and left. We have chosen a charity to get behind, we are asking you to please give as little or as much as you are able.

Send donations to:
The Godzilla Relief Fund
Po Box 2375
Tokyo, Japan

Thanks and bless you...~baba

TantraWorkshop 42G
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11/13/2005 10:22 am

Sooooooooooo, this is an attempt at humor, there is no Godzilla Relief Fund. Stop sending me money!

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