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11/15/2005 11:52 am

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Some of you want to get right into Tantric sex, you've seen the photos, it looks wonderful! OK, here you go, you're undressed, right? Your partner too? Good. The guy lies on his back, he needs a hardon about now, and the girl sits/slips him in and sits facing him, legs spread apart, feet about at his shoulders. Good, the guy folds his legs into a sitting position and the girl helps him sit up, don't let the lingam slip out of the Yoni! Ok, he's sitting and the girl wraps her legs around him, arms around his neck, he wraps his arms around her upper/middle back. Feels pretty sweet, right?
Ok, what are you going to do now?
>The breathing exercises you didn't learn, the muscle contractions you didn't learn? The rapport of respect with your partner you didn't establish?
>I guess you can jump and wiggle yourselves into an orgasm, there are better positions out there, maybe you should lie back down into the good ol' girl on top position(One of my very favorite!)
>I hope you had fun and now you're welcome to come learn the preliminary stuff with the rest of us, Sunday afternoons into the evenings every week, we're going to have a weekday afternoon/evening too when we find out when is best for the most.

>It's a new group, no one is a master or Tantrica, there is no ego, no one is better than anyone else and everyone wants to learn. We're using the best information we can find, we make sure that everyone involved knows exactly what is going to be happening and we are doing it for good reasons, we want to learn and we want to have fun doing it.
>Though we're new to this remember, amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic. >In the future we may have someone with some experience come talk to us and one day we may have to pay someone for a seminar, no one will be obligated to pay though, funds will be donated by those who can and want to....

>The first lessons are Yoni massage, lingam massage, mutual massage and woman's massage, also woman/woman Tantra techniques for our bi girls, all are pleasurable and usually always lead to very nice orgasms, releasing old pain and disapointments and giving you a new outlook on life in general and lovemaking in particular....

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