"Am I normal?", you ask....  

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10/27/2005 12:14 pm

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"Am I normal?", you ask....

The question comes up a lot on this site asking, "Am I normal?" Well, it depends on if you conform to what society calls normal, or if you just know what you like and want out of life and go with it...

Well, most people I know think I'm one of the nicest guys they've ever met. I've even had people referred to me just to think of something nice to say to someone. And, yes, most people would say I'm pretty normal. But, the thoughts and desires of a person, you know.. on the inside are where you always come up with that question... "Am I normal?" So, if you're like me, thinking about what sex with a certain woman you see on the street, or having your way with a co-worker that really pushes your buttons when she turns her head a certain way, then in my opinion, you're normal.

If you think about what it would be like to try the sexiest, maybe raunchiest , maybe even the most perverse acts you can think of with a certain woman that may or may not even exist, just because you've fantasized about it once or twice, then I'd say you're normal.

If you talk to your best friend about someone you saw/met/talked to, and you tell them how you couldn't stop trying to imagine that person in the buff, and what it would be like to cover them in chocolate sauce and roll around on the floor with them for a few hours, then you might not be normal, but you've got a pretty vivid imagination. Heh.... (The imagination can be a wonderful thing when given the opportunity...)

If you're a woman, and you think about sex even half as much as guys do, then I'm thinking you're pretty normal. If you ever wonder what a guy would look like laying on your bed, under the covers or on top of them, and then what he'd do if you offered yourself to him for the taking, then I pray you're normal. LOL If you talk to other ladies, around the water cooler, over lunch, or even on the phone about a guy that you'd love to kiss, strip, or even have your way completely with, then you've got to accept that, more than likely, you're normal.

We're all human, and we all think about sex. We all love it, just some more than others. I like to think my sex drive is rather high, but I've got to admit, I've seen some people on this site that have an even higher sex drive than my own. But, I'm finding that there's no limit to how high my drive could potentially go, if given the right motivation and opportunities.

So, if you're watching your favorite TV show with some friends, and you all see someone on the screen that you would give your left arm for to have as your personal slave, and you have at least 30 things you can think of doing with them right off the bat, then, again, you're probably normal. It's just a matter of what you consider normal, and if you're willing to accept that all people have similar urges to yours, and you should think of that as a good thing.

In short, are we all normal for thinking about sex a huge portion of our waking moments? Probably. And are we normal if we occasionally think outside of the box? Probably. Are we normal if we want to win the lottery someday? Absolutely. Are we normal if we think walking on thumbtacks barefooted would be fun? Probably not, but we have to draw the line somewhere. In short, stop worrying about what everyone else considers normal and accept yourself for who you are. And, if you're looking for Mr./Ms. Right on here, think on those same guidelines about the person you meet that might possibly be him or her. And, if you're looking for Mr./Ms. Right NOW, it might even be fun to think a little bit about doing some abnormal things, just to shake things up a little. Give it some thought............

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