the Memories  

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4/6/2006 9:05 pm
the Memories

We do have our good moments over there at the business.

We happen to be members of the same family of course. So when I, or she (aunt) are able to contribute a good memory or two to share in between clientele, it's guaranteed to have great gain in both our lives.

I had a good piece to share with her when I arrived today.

We have a very elderly grandmother who happens to be the sole matriarch of the family. This old lady has of course some peculiar preferences. One of them, during the occasions when the other family members all fly in from their respective states of the Union, is that we should go to this one particular restaurant in town to have a family dinner.

My aunt I am with now was not with us during the one occasion I was describing to her today. As I recalled, we had all finished our dinner and were set to leave the restaurant.

Naturally it is the women's tradition (except for myself, I'm the oddball, you know) to visit the ladies' room before heading out. I recall I had been waiting for my mother to get out of the bathroom to be going home. She finally appeared.

Upon leaving we caught sight of my other aunt waddling proudly with her purse on her arm to the car, with a large display of toilet paper hanging out of the back of her pants. There were well over twenty people standing around to witness this with us.

Poor woman.

I don't know if my mother and I had ever had such a good laugh watching this at the time, but better yet, I had twice the laugh sharing this story with my aunt today.

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