Oh Christmas tree.....Oh my  

TammyDHU 45F
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1/1/2006 9:33 am

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2/26/2007 11:15 pm

Oh Christmas tree.....Oh my

I rescued one from the complex's garbage bin.

When it was put together it was discovered it had a broken base, so it was, shall we say, nigger-rigged up with a box full of sand.

It has only one long string of lights and instead of an angel sitting on top, there is a cap advertising my company that I work for.

It's the first year I've ever had a tree of any kind. Fortunately Goldilocks (my cat) decided it was time to stop chewing on the branches after a few repeated throwups.

It won't come down till my mother comes by to see it. But that's okay....winter in Minnesota is somehow endless anyway!!!

ajcready 49M
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1/1/2006 10:52 pm

That's pretty cute. So, Goldilocks likes to chew things ah! My bird, charlie has not touched the tree. I can not believe it! Tony Caruso

killerangel2u 51M

1/2/2006 9:31 am

Sorry to learn that you live so far north/west in Minnesota. I truly heterosexual male would find it most difficult to post a comment without something about your profile pic. You see a lot of people baring everything on this site; even some that shouldn't be baring anything. I've seen way more penises then I'd care to (I'd hate to think that was my best quality); best foot forward and all. I have to admit, I've seen a fair number of very beautiful women as well, but every once in awhile a picture really catches your eye. May I say . . . you have a very lovely lower-half! Wish you lived closer! May the new year bring you closer to those, and the experiences you love, Beautiful. - - Love, Boo

corvairguy 65M

1/2/2006 7:30 pm

Boo, If you think the bottom half is good you really do need to see the rest of her. Although, that is a pretty provocative pose!


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