No more banana factory...  

TammyDHU 45F
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9/7/2006 9:44 pm

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9/12/2006 2:58 pm

No more banana factory...

Well this week finds me heavy into the very front lines of what we've been prepped to do the last couple of weeks.

It's different than my summer job was. It's a highly competetive type of thing that takes time to develop the skill to do. Thanks to the job I came from, I come to this place fully equipped with the skills, I just needed training on all the other mechanics that go along with it.

And boy is it ever a fun environment. Last Friday they decided to have Carnival Day. The supervisors all dressed up like clowns and they gave us snacks and hot dogs. Then the bigwigs had a hot dog eating contest and became so groggy they decided to let us all go home after lunch.

These people are not in any way normal, and I fit right in.

I'm gonna LOVE it here!!!

rm_Gentle12553 66M
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9/10/2006 7:45 pm

looks like you fit right in....congratulations on being happy

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