I love Montreal  

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6/25/2006 12:24 am

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I love Montreal

Montreal, je vous aime!

Montreal in the summer is the best place to girl-watch in the world. The coats come off and the short skirts and halter-tops go on.

Gorgeous women seem to appear outof nowhere, and every where you go downtown is a feast for the eyes.

Girls here are very open-minded, but are often so beatiful they're a bit intimidating.
The French girls especially seem to love sex and exploring fetishes and kinks.

I've had a lot of luck here over the years, but lately it's run dry. I'm out of school (which is the best place to meet girls), I have to wear glasses (contacts don't fit), and I can't afford to keep a car downtown (no free parking near my place). The lack of the car is the biggest problem; girls always want you to pick them up and drive them around, even if they want to go drinking (trying to make a beer last all night is always a challenge).

I started this blog to meet girls and hear stories. I'd like to hear about good places to meet smart girls outside of school (work is not an option; mine's a sausage fest), Montreal dating stories, anything about love, romance, sex and Montreal.

Enjoy the blog. Feel free to post in English or French.

Les Francais sont trop sexy!

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