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Heeeeere's VICTOR!!!! Me and Victor actually, cleaning the pool at White Devil. Theoretically it was everyone's pool but Victor had claimed it as his own. He was our token Russian on site and to be honest I don't know what the fuck Victor did!! I know that he had claimed the pool for his own pride and joy because he helped pour the concrete and he would not even let me clean it except for the fact that I had more beer money than him that day and he would supervise for a beer or two. His other 'Possesion' on site was the golf course. Not like any golf course you will ever see anywhere I guarantee you.

Victor was its creator, president and club professional, which is quite an achievement for a guy who had no idea about golf. On one of his holidays Victor returned to the mine with a bag and set of golf clubs and proceeded to tell us all about this game he had talked to some people about in a hotel and who had then taken him out for a round. In Victor logic this was a great game because it would keep him fit,it was a sociable sport and he had a golf course. Before he opened his own course he did go into Tennant Creek and play a round of golf and came back to the mine totally disgusted with the game. Everyone else was too serious about the rules, they keep a count of the number of strokes, he was not allowed to take beers on the course, and it was boring. So the next day Victor created his own golf course, club and set of rules to play golf by. Anyone who did not like his rules was simply not allowed to play.

The Unique Rules of Victor Golf;
1) No discussions about the sport of golf played by those other wankers.
2) Each player carries their own beer and must have sufficient to last 6 hours.
3) There are no holes in the game, putting is a stupid idea for the other wankers
4) Nobody and that means Nobody except Victor is to coach other players on the course or you will be barred from playing on the course.
5) The object of the game is to hit the ball towards the object in the landscape that Victor designates as the games objective.
6) You must trust that Victor will pick out a course that will get you back to the mine site at the end of a days play.

I still wonder if the surveyors and geologists out in that desert scratch their heads in bemusement at the 100's of golf balls they find scattered around White Devil. And if one day someone will find Victor's Golf Club's that he threw into a chasm it a fit of pique on the day he lost interest in golf and closed his club.

For all his idosyncracy's Victor was a character that made the place bearable and he was fun and oh so easy to rile up on a day that needed some spark.
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I adore your blog Tala!


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3/20/2005 10:24 am

Okay, I'm starting to freaking lose posts everywhere now. This is the 2nd blog of Tala's that I posted in yesterday and now the post is missing.

Great story as usual Tala.

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