The universe is fickle.  

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3/28/2005 12:04 am

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The universe is fickle.

There are so many answers to the origns of our personalities from the stars, numbers and social background I have decided to pick on the GODS in this post. They must be the most indolent pack of entities all the 'power' to create and bored shitless with. Obviously onmy day of creation they were in a playful mood in their hangout doing what god's do, shooting pool, playing pinball and checking the share index's.

'Hey Odin! Asgard has dropped 20 points this week why don't you send Thor down to hurl a few thunderbolts in the Vikings asses so they will stop pissing on and thinking that , pillage and plunder is a career choice.'

'Oh Fuck Off Zues! What about your Greeks to busy inventing theatre and democracy to stop Jupiter's Romans from kicking their asses.'

Look a new life is being created what attributes will we give him? Hey lets make him half decent in sport, a good thinker, as energetic as possible a good communicator and as a special treat irresistible to freaks, artists and hippies!

Yep I was shafted from the bloody start by those bastards. Of course they have got bucket loads of entertainment out of my adventures so far in life. Hah and I have a few more deeds up my sleeves yet to release.

In an act of rebellion I did seek out 'normal' conformists as company for a period and I have to admit I don't get it. I am so crap at being subservient, look I am not talking about rebellion but purely accepting that some one is better than me and can direct my life in the direction that they have decided is best for me. Nor am I always right in my choices either. But if I am wrong well let it be my decision to be wrong not someone else's so they can be conveniently shouldered with the blame.

Which reminds me Football season has started and I can take my brain out of my cranium and put it in the freezer for the next six months and not have to do any thinking what so ever. I have not pulled a public stunt at a football stadium for two years, eight months and 19 days. This proves that horniness and boredom are a very volatile mixture, combined with my extravert nature and the fact that it is going to be another two weeks at least before I get a break and travel there is going to be a huge challenge to my self discipline in this period. Those Vikings had the right idea.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

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