Tala and a friends daughter, bad Tala?  

Tala4u2 54M  
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3/3/2006 8:17 pm

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3/12/2006 8:16 pm

Tala and a friends daughter, bad Tala?

My hypocrisy knows no boundaries. It's a gene thing. Simply; if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, It is a duck. I want to pluck it. Luckily my brain does save me from my 'thinking stick' more often than not.

Beautiful hot day today so went for a walk caught up with some friends then decided to drop into the bottle shop have a chat with a mate and go sunbaking. Problem; mate was not there, friends daughter was serving. Tala says hi, goes straight to beer. F/d keeps talking as Tala is looking at beer. Tala realises F/d is too loud to still be at counter. Fuck! Tala and F/d are only ones in shop. Tala turns around and F/d has move uncomfortably (and stimulatingly) close to Tala.

F/d is a remarkably cute petite blonde, Yummy! F/d starts conversation on very friendly activities! Brain goes to hyper speed, F/d's Dad was once on serious business trip with Tala (in a galaxy far far away when I was doing a real job). On company expence account in a restaurant two girls walking past the window I waved in to come sit with us. Tala left happily married associates at table soon after for relaxtion purposes in his room.

Today his daughter is flirting with me!

What would you do?

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papyrina 51F
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3/5/2006 8:48 am

leave her alone lol,go and take daddy out and find others to play with

I'm a

i'm here to stay

AmberSolaire 42M

3/10/2006 7:40 am

Is she over sixteen?


AmberSolaire 42M

3/10/2006 7:41 am

Does she really have a fetish for men who post pictures of themselves wearing their kecks on their head on pervy sites?

AmberSolaire 42M

3/10/2006 7:43 am

Are you daydreaming staring at that suncream ad again?

AmberSolaire 42M

3/10/2006 7:44 am

Is it daylight yet or has the evil fairy queen eaten all my socks...........has she...........has she.......

runs off to put underwear on head to protect himself from harm.....

Tala4u2 54M  
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3/10/2006 3:50 pm

Papy and Sweet But she is over 21 and is cute and I am sure she is lonely LMAO

Amaber at last some sanity I can understands mate. I think I will invite her around and show her pictures of me with my boxers on my head on a pervy site, that seems to be the responsible thing to do. Of course I will show her your pics then she will know that this is perfectly normal behaviour. Which is why she will have to be naked to look at the site.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

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