Spielberg (u know who I mean) is a cunt!  

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3/15/2005 10:12 pm

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Spielberg (u know who I mean) is a cunt!

It is tough being an animal life is pretty much about who is being lunch and who is having dinner. It does not need meddling humans to come along and interfere with survival because they have got nothing else to do and/or (fuck I have always wanted to do that in a sentence) the humans in question are incapable of doing anything constructive in their life except mess with animals. I am an OMNIVORE which is tough because after millions of years on the planet Earth us humans have eaten all the Omni's to extinction but we have adapted and now we will eat anything which can provide nutrition so the human race can continue on by doing the three things we are good at; Eating, Sleeping and Breeding, (It is yet to be scientificly proven that it is the fourth one that will fuck us! Thinking) Animals do not have this choice as far as Humans are concerned they come under three catagories, Cute and Furry, Scaly and Ugly and Lunch. Now I like lunch some of my fellow Omnivores have this thing about eating animals which I think is perfectly reasonable until they fucking preach their belief at me!! Listen, every cow I eat save's four vegetarians from starvation! So I do care. Now the Cute and Furry creatures includes animals like Koala's an Australian native which spend 18 Hours a day sleeping in trees and the other 6 eating the tree. Not just any tree though only eucalyptus trees which have enough dangerous chemicals in their make up to make Agent Orange pass for mouthwash! But they are Cute and Furry and this apparently discounts the fact that Koala's are so stoned that they must sleep it off for 18 hrs before getting ripped again. Sharks are not Cute and Furry and tend to eat things. This is totally unfair, picture this dear reader; YOU have no hands and you see something that smells like food, looks like food (ie a McDonalds burger) so reason says it COULD be food! So what would you do? Mouth it and see what it tastes like! Now for a shark their equivilant of MacDonalds is a Skin diver, looks like a seal (in a wet suit) so you mouth it and said skin diver tastes like fucking rubber (much like McDonalds) so you shake your head and spit it out. Now three Australians in the last year have been investigated by sharks in this manner, and died. In the last year, 10 YES! 10 Australians have been bitten and killed by hippopotamus. These animals are fucking vegetarians! They don't eat meat at all but run around chomping on tourists having a good time, keeping their eyes open so Lions and Leopards don't snack on them and get munched by a fucking Vegan! The poor bloody shark gets a bum all because of 1,2,3 oh crap (much like the movies were) Shark fest films all because Speilberg is a cunt!

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