Sex in public places its more than the act  

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Sex in public places its more than the act

Browsing through and read this post [post 254357] by Norty Guurl, to think she still got fined what is wrong with the world when corrupt police are still honest LMAO. I once got a blow job in a Santa Suit after a wild party and that is the closest I will ever get to wearing a uniform.

I reckon it was more about sex in public than the uniform. I admit I don't make a specific effort to have sex in public but when u have a g/f who has just got that same playful nature and gets off on me, as much as I do her company it just happens. In recollection of my past public acts of wanton debauchery I have had some hilarious ones that the moment has added to the fun.

1) All time most ridiculous; Getting a blow job in a cinema during the Chicken Run claymation movie. Then going down to the banks of the Torrens River in Adelaide and screwing on a park bench. Never been able to watch Wallace and Grommit with a clean mind since.

2) I may be addicted; Going to the pics with the same girl the next week and getting a blow job during Coyote Ugly at least this time we got a room afterwards.

3) Audience Appreciation Joining the Mile High club between LA and Tahiti in the seat not the rest room and when getting up from going down on her getting a huge smile in the dim cabin from the person in the Aisle seat opposite.

4) Silence is Golden; Having a very loud ride in a carpark after seeing a comedy show during the Fringe with a very descriptive commentary from my G'f and hearing a round of applause afterwards.

5) Restrained; Same G'f suddenly deciding that sex in a lift is an expected ending of any night out as long as there are handcuffs involved.

6) Art Apreciation; Ambling through a gallery in Handorf and one of the pieces was a handcrafted chair and table setting. G'f sat on the chair to see if it worked and she was at just the right height. so it happened again!

Which says to me that sex has four dimensions? All of these and other exploits were all done in the name of science and not for pleasure for my thesis 1,000,000 Reasons why sex is better than fucking

No animals were used or harmed in this research.

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