I refuse to be organised  

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I refuse to be organised

Albert Orkno Srezylekki was a very capable explorer, whenever he got lost he drew pictures of where he was lost at and these became maps. When they found his corpse the search party recovered the maps and made their way home again. Which saved the cost of sending out another search party to find the search party lost looking for Albert.

Eveyone was happy except the undertakers! Because of these maps and the search party getting home, as there was only one funeral held and that was for Albert. Where as, if he was not so organised there could have been a whole season of funerals for the lost search party members as well.

Which shows that organisation is not good for everybody especially people called Albert who get lost exploring.

I have been practising organisation for at least two years and the only thing that happens is all that I have mapped out is made redundant because of other things which I have not organised happening and me getting involved with them for work. So I refuse to be organised any more and believe that if I meet any one called Albert I will just point in the general direction of nowhere in particular and tell him that what he is looking for is just behind that forest of trees, over the raging river and just near the top of an active volcano. Then I'll ring the nearest funeral home and tell then to follow Albert and not to worry because he has a map.

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