I gotta really sexy girl to see  

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4/13/2005 4:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I gotta really sexy girl to see

Sexual frustration is not part of my character, mind you I count horniness as a different thing to S/F. Me and my libido, thats a catchy song chorus I should write that some time?!

I have an awesome date on Saturday, with a girl I met through AdultFriendFinder a couple of months ago.

Personally I reckon she is soooo hot, in the bella ideal of women, (have I ever mentioned that I am a huge fan of Italian women b4?) this girl is just as sweet as can be. Last night we were chatting away on the phone and she was saying how shy that she will be when we meet and then moves into how she will arrange a babysitter so she can stay overnight with me. That is kinda cute because you know what? She loves to kiss. Guys get it in your heads this woman is horny, but not once have we discussed sex in the style that so many guys seem to use on the phone!

The old; "I am going to do this... my tongue can do this... drive you wild with my ... you will do this to me..." Now if any of you guys reading this are getting an inkling about what I am suggesting take this into account I am away for three days and have another four women whom I could be dating and having some lustfilled adventures with, two I have been with b4 and two who are straight up with why they want to get in my motel room! This is causing some logistical problems, I might stay away an extra day And not once has 'descriptions of sex acts' been a topic of any conversations between us.

Women I am not apologising for others of my genders approaches or style of "driving you crazy with lust" (being slightly sarcastic there). I am all for them to continue how they apply there sexual skills. IT MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER FOR ME TO GET DATES. Keep it up guys and as much as I like public art and its beauty the pic with this post could have a m-e-t-o-r-p-h-o-r-i-c-a-l (I even wrote it slow to help) meaning to you.

To all those wonderful people I encounter on my blog and whose blogs I post to. Thanks for keeping me in touch with other people and entertaining me so much. I'm off to get sociable and naked for a few days. I'm a very happy Tala today xxxxxx

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

keithcancook 60M
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4/19/2005 5:21 pm

This devoted fan of yours will eagerly await your return. You ROCK Tala! Blog On!

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