Getting something for nothing and then complaining LMAO  

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3/12/2006 9:11 pm

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Getting something for nothing and then complaining LMAO

There you sit right now reading my post on this find a fuck site. I bet both my testicles you are not having sex right now! Too late, if you just started, the moment to lop my acorns off and have them mounted on the mantlepiece has passed. After all it is free to read and enjoy my blog I have fun writing it and hope you enjoy it as well.

Freebies are the bane of my job at times, being an entertainer for some reason people think it is done for love not money!? I include giving charity and support for issues and virtually anything that involves me being free with what I value. I'll be straight on this to start with it makes the comprehension of this post a lot easier, VALUE does NOT mean a Monetary value Invariably I am asked to supply my services (freebies) to charity and community events. What I really love is when not only am I asked to supply a freebie but told what to say in my act. But with a much appreciated infrequency these days. Me saying no does tend to make people think twice about wasting their time asking me

Recently I said, Yes! Hahaha and in the following two meetings of the fundraising committee have had to hear the same apology for not asking me before, repeated again and again ad nauseum. 'We thought you only did your job for money so didn't want to ask.' Well, DOH! it is my job LMAO . The fact that other people are providing their services to your events and being paid for it and me not getting any return does make me a bit reticitent about contributing mine.

Particularly when without people like me providing their services as the entertainment, means there is no event. That is why when I blog I do what ever I want when I want. I read posts often about copyright queries in this little community of bloggers which shows how much you value your blogs. And so you should but the 95% of people who read them and don't post a reply or comment, thanks for letting me ass fuck you for free. LMFAO

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

radelaide1001 34M
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3/14/2006 3:20 am


My interpretation of this blog is that you are in fact… a PORNSTAR!!!. Someone asked you for a free ride now everyone wants a free ride!!!!! Occasionally you break character, there for you prefer your scenes, ‘shows’, to be heavily scripted.

Recently you gave a free ride to a homeless person (in a leather ass-zip chaps cause it looked like fun and took a photo of it) and now the committee of poverty stricken people, lets call them ‘st vini’s’ wish they asked for a freebie!!! And you were like ‘fuck that you got money, payup! cause the fact that you download all my porno’s for free on torrentspy is enough charity!!”

Or did I miss the point? I think I just got ass for free. Yes. Fuck sex. Im all about bloging. I agree. Where are the peeps that value a good blog. Go figure. And fuck you TALA!!!! I may have 2 dates this weekend but you be getting all the women, and you be old!! LOOK AT THOSE WOMEN LINING UP> YOU GOT GAME TALA.

Sorry im not a lady Tala. I just like your blog. But if I ever meet you (not that i really want to associate a face to my god) I will bend my knee as your most devoted disciple. Lol. By the way: how does one make the transition from one on one sex to swinging? i imagine its much like that initial transition from masturbation to getting laid. I’m fascinated. Does one just get into character for that? I don’t know. Whatever. My new saying is ‘im gonna spit hot fire in your pants!’ it doesn't flow does it. Whatever.

Tala4u2 54M  
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3/14/2006 2:08 pm

LMAO Radelaide, you're a funny bastard. Being a porn star would take all the fun out sex. Fuck then it would be a job mate Adelaide women some of the best fucks I have had have been there. Yes I be old and I know the secret hahhah to knowing and meeting good playful women. And the transition to thresomes fuck it just happemed with people I met and not on here either. Crap I must hang out with perverts a lot, lucky me LMAO. Who cares if your new saying doesn't flow it's a good one just you'll need a fire extinguisher for foreplay

Katie you are nothing but a wanton wench, hahhha how did you know thats my favorite kind. I'd be sneaking a look up your skirt but you ain't wearing one.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

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