For F's sake! Don't you ever stop moaning?  

Tala4u2 54M  
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3/27/2005 12:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

For F's sake! Don't you ever stop moaning?

I had a terrific day at work, yes it was Easter Sunday and a holiday weekend and me being at work did make a lot of people's weekend even better. Okay feeling good every day is a habit of mine and another enjoyable aside to my day is AdultFriendFinder and my blog. I often read and comment on others posts as I do enjoy knowing more about people from all walks of life.
Today my great mood has been challenged and I love a challenge! FOR FUCKS SAKE will all the moaners and dis-satisfied AdultFriendFinder people do me a favour and go play in fast moving traffic okay you will only get fucked up but at least it has a fuck in it. Seriously you could not get a fuck in a brothel half of you, even if you had a debt free credit card and the other half would be moaning about the service and the quality of your orgasm! This includes the girls as well as the guys.
For some reason so many of you seem to have this misguided notion that listing a profile on AdultFriendFinder is going to open up your life to a plethora of sexual escapades and experiences, wrong! Notions do not work, effort, literacy, good manners and a sense of reality do work! I am a gold member and for what it cost in three months I have dated 12 women had some terrific sex with 4 and still dating all of them when I can. I do not sleep with every woman I meet because I don't fucking have too! I have a great life and as a single man enjoy the company, affection and beauty of many women. I am on AdultFriendFinder because work has taken me to an isolated rural region which is terrific to live in and also is a prime tourist destination but I still travel widely in my career and enjoy the diversity and quality of entertainment of cities. Fot those standard members who moan and whine about their lack of success here's a fact NOT EVERY WOMAN WANTS YOU, just because they are on AdultFriendFinder the women do not want to be banging like a door on a windy night. Two words sum it up, QUALITY not QUANTITY. For the women who moan about the numbers of guys who message them and give coarse crude emails get over it, what do you expect 50 knights in shining armour all mounted on thoroughbred's?! For all people on this site, forget about the process of mass media advertising you are individuals not mass market entities, oh and guys really stop using conversations from porno mags as your intro lines and emails that is from a template for ENTERTAINMENT not picking up women! Explicit pic by women are fine but if you have them on your profile wear the crude and what you find inappropriate comments, you present like a porn actress, expect the same fucking dialogue.
Besides having a great deal more to say on this topic, it is time to sit back enjoy a great cup of fresh ground coffee and enjoy the conversation and pleasure of the women i have met and who i message and their responces even though many are on the other side of the world, as all the people like me on this site do, and those of you who may have got a glimmer of an idea about how to have some fun and meet new and interesting people through AdultFriendFinder here is a parting comment to help you on the path to fun and quality fun at that; you get nothing for nothing.
Happy Easter All.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

wyvernrose 38F
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3/27/2005 6:13 am

LOl too true Tala, I usually delete the nasty ones and leave it at that, Although I do admit that I used one recently as an example, over the years have actually gotten quite a few contacts through AdultFriendFinder, a local magazine called raunchy contacts, and a number of other means, we have been in this for years, and likely still will be for years to come. not every contact will pan out, actually over all very few will be what you are actually looking for in the way of playmates, along the way you will meet all sorts, some not so hot, some good to chat too, make friends, debate issues, just have fun, there isn't any pressure for us, we are married, if we can't have a few extra's join us for play when we want too so what, we will take the oppurtunity to do something together, admittedly I never have a shortage of willing skilled playmates but my husband not so, and not due to any lack of skill I assure you, but simply due to some attitudes that can be found, but you don't HAVE to always pick up, he actually has a great many women who he chats too and a few he visits when they want some company, and we have some couples who if we get some time free we can give them a bell and see if they can also get away, that does not mean they jump at our call, that means if they can! people with families have other commitments and if you want to play with them you have to accept that other things come first majority of the time.

AdultFriendFinder is a place for you to advertise yourself nothing more than that, it is a classifieds section, your the one writing the advertisement and doing the selling, you cannot blame anyone else if your not getting any commissions!


ReadyToTango46 57M
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4/2/2005 3:02 am

I want to be an Australian. LOL. In fact wyvern I'm coming to live with you for a while. I'll even bring an airconditioner with me.

You people have great attitudes. I really need to get my ass out of the house and re-learn what life is all about.

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