Creativity and plagarism a fine line on the net  

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11/15/2005 3:48 pm

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Creativity and plagarism a fine line on the net

Ever had an original thought and put it out in public? And then seen someone else use it. It is a compliment in fact but a fine line between acknowledgement and theft when a dllar can be made.

The lastest and greatest case is the 'Da Vinci Code' a novel that has became huge in all the off shoots. A few weeks ago I borrowed a book Holy Blood Holy Grail from the library. Why? Stuffed if I know I just felt like a read. This book was not a story but kinda a statement of research, (on the same subject that is the story premise of the DV Code. except it was published in the 1970's.)

One of the most boring reads I have had for ages but i did read the bloody thing. Mainly because I was seeing how a great research tool this would be for the person who wrote the DV Code. Now I have found out that theses authors are suing the writer for, 'using their book' in connection with his best seller.

As in my last post I wrote something I heard another comic say but feel fine with it I didn't acknowledge him coz I don't remember his name. And there is an anoniminity with the AdultFriendFinder blogs where the stuff we post is just the 'theme' of our blogs. And using others stuff when just doing a doodle post is fine by me any way. But really it isn't in the strict following of the law.

But I do feel guilty because in my work I don't plagarise, and obviously I have not had enough coffee this morning to be relaxed about it.

Crap does this mean I am now going to get into S & M or B & D to feel better? Thank fuck for sex without it we'd all go nuts.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

bobbydazzler69x 46M

11/18/2005 8:03 am

Oasis called it standing on the shoulders of giants. One man's plagiarism is another man's inspiration. I agree though, it's a fine line.

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