Been a week since I shaved.  

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3/10/2005 12:46 am

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Been a week since I shaved.

Rock up today and there is another tv crew doing a travellers guide at work, I was nearly going to shave this morning too! No matter even if I had known we were going to be on show again I had decided not to shave for the week because I am off to Adelaide tomorrow for auditions and some r & r. The film crews seem to prefer the unshaven look as we lift the crates of lobster and pass them around to the pleasure of the viewing public. People love to watch, the day before we were down at the harbor unloading 2000 kgs of shark off a ship that had just came in after a week at sea. If only the tourist didn't come up so quietly! Generally we are well mannered and polite in public like most people are but when working it is generally a raucous and risque conversation going on to take our minds off throwing 10kg sharks catching them and putting them in the van. A lot of expletives are interspersed with the conversation and of course sometimes the colour is pretty much the tone of conversation, Hey, what would you be thinking about after a week at sea? Still no-one fell in or was thrown in and I guess the camera holders and home video fans have got some great footage. Me I just love making it.

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