A stripper for his b  

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A stripper for his b

Working and travelling have been the door to my life's experience. I once spend 18 months in the late 1980's working at White Devil Mine in the Northern Territory. To best describe the mine site it is best to imagine miles and miles of beach and no water because that is what deserts are. It was hard labour, isolated and bloody good fun because we made or fun to stop us from running amok when ever we got away to civilisation. That was the theory but in practise we simply did run amok anyway. You miss the girls most and this made life miserable at times. The guy in the pic attached was "george" really his name was Alistair but he hated it so, 'call me George but never late for dinner', was his catchcry. Getting George to the site was a story in its own as he had just finished a contract at OkTedi goldmine in Papua NuGiunea and was on a holiday in Thailand but the boss wanted him on site so the hunt began. George was found when he accidently surfaced in New Zealand for a brief respite from his hobby of decadence and debauchery. Bear in mind that money was not a problem for George so how do you entice a guy away from the pleasures in the sin filled dens of Phucket to a beach with no water? Especially when he had definite plans on how he was going to celebrate his birthday and sand, flies, falling rocks and 18hr days were not part of it! We ganged up on him of course, as many of the crew from OkTedi were already there and so the bond of mateship saved the day for us. By the time his birthday had come around the mateship clause was wearing thin as far as George was concerned the deepest pits of hell were too good for us! On his birthday he had spent 36 hours non stop working as there was a major calamity with some crucial equipment and you guessed it George was the only specialist who could fix it. But to show our appreciation we flew in a stripper for our mate who had no idea of this and was virtually forced into the shower 20 minutes b4 she arrived and was not impressed about being made to go to the wet mess and celebrate his b'day at all. As you can see she came, he saw and although dead on his feet did manage to forgive us. mateship the bond that means a friend will put you through hell just to say thankyou.

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