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"BOOM BOOM" Berger

Robert "BOOM BOOM" Berger, was and original ring in to White Devil our underground superintendent Horst Buckard tracked him down for us and his first week in camp got him an inclusion on the infamous "Beach Party" guest list.
Mining is like any job you do an apprenticeship starting at the most menial jobs before progressing to going down the hole. It is probably the only job in the world where going down is a promotion! It is also a fact that your given name is not the name you are known by, We had John 'Cactus' Christ, 'Chips' Armstrong and of course "George". Your 'known as' name was the one that mattered and how you got it of course.
BOOM BOOM drove trucks underground for us, he first began at a mine called 'The Granites' about 600 miles to the south in another desert. His job was to do the rubbish removal among other things there and on his 'Naming' day took a load of rubbish to the dump about 8 miles from the mine to offload it then chuck a match in it to burn it. A simple task and unnoticed by all at the mine usually, except this day. The 'Granites' site was shaken by a huge explosion at the dump 8 miles away which caught their attention! Realising that BOOM BOOM was there a recovery team quickly headed off to see what happened. They saw the ute (pick-up truck) in a crumpled mess the windows blown out and debris scatterred around the country side and found BOOM BOOM minus his hair sitting on a rock in his tatterred clothing staring into nowhere. His first words when asked what had happened were BOOM BOOM. And so his name was struck. He never became a miner and had an aversion to ever being near the site when blasting was happening and was one of the most placid people you would ever meet. But when his character became too quiet and he began muttering BOOM BOOM during his day to day life we always gave him a leave pass and sent him off for a holiday.

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