I'm on a train  

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5/10/2005 3:08 am

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I'm on a train

It's packed, at rushhour, as usual. Hot bodies all around, trying not to jostle against each other too much. I feel a hand on my hip and assume someone's steadying themselves and doesn't realise I'm a not a handrail. But no, the hand stays there, and soon I'm aware of a pressure, very slight, running over my ass. Someone's feeling me up! I try to take a few steps forwards to make it clear I'm not a public plaything, but the hand on my hip reaches around and pulls me back. I'm pressed against a body, hot and strong, and I can feel his cock pressing into the crack of my ass. My heart starts pounding, more because I'm afraid people might see what he's doing than because I'm afraid of what he'll do. The hand moves further around, sliding between my legs. Suddenly I'm aware that my cunt is tingling, hot and wet, and I'm terribly embarassed. I don't even know who this is, it could be anyone, but he's turning me on like never before. The hand stays in my groin, pushing harder against me, fingers pressing into me, pushing the fabric of my trousers and knickers inside. I squirm, but it's not to make the hand go away, it's to feel it harder, grind into me. The other hand slips up and slowly, so very slowly, starts sliding down under the waistband of my trousers.

I freeze. It's one thing to be turned on by some guy, but quite another to let him get his fingers in there. But there's nothing I can do, if I make a scene everyone will see what he's been doing to me and think I'm a slut. I'm studying people's faces, most are bored, reading or staring out the window. I'm petrified someone will look down at his hands.

His hands. One finger has reached my knickers now, it's finding it's way in, under the fabric. I feel him press against me harder, and the hand slides right down, cupping me. I can feel his fingers slide easily across my skin and I know I'm soaking, I'm so wet it's pouring from me. His fingers rub me slowly, so teasingly, and I find myself grinding back against his hard on, wanting him to fuck me now. But he only fucks me with his fingers, he slides one in and out, just an inch or two, but it's enough to make me gasp. Without warning he thrusts two, maybe three fingers, straight up into my cunt and starts roughly finger-fucking me. I close my eyes, moan and writhe, make unintelligable noises, and I hear him whispering into my ear..
"Tell me what you want, tell me, say it.. "

"FUCK ME, oh god Fuck Me! I need you to bend me over, fill me, take me, oh Jesus Fuck!" I scream. I open my eyes, take in the horrified faces of my fellow passengers, realise the hands have gone and it was just my damn imagination again. I grow beetroot red with embarassment, and head bowed, slip towards the door into the next carriage. Maybe they didn't hear my desperate shout.

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