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T_Scupido 39M
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5/7/2006 4:18 am

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Check Out My Rep !

PussyCatDoll_2FK Hide | Delete | Ban
Apr 24, 2006
I have known T for a short time now, and he has stunned me ! This man is not only a gentleman, he is a knight and shining armour.

He treated me with respect (when needed), he's very witty, and elegant. He has taken me out and treated me like a lady in every way. Sexually i dont have to say what wonders, and what an amazing imagination he has. We tried all kinds of roleplays even publicly..

I cant remember being this exited when being with a man since i was in high school. Your my man even though i know you will be shared hun.. Love u...x x x


Whore_me Hide | Delete | Ban
Apr 23, 2006
WOW ! The Prince I Have Longed For ! Everything about our night was amazing. He treated me in a such a way which captivated me. He is sophisticated, has lots of class, has a lot of substance, and is as charming as a shining star ! I honestly did not want to go home at the end of our night, so being a perfect gent he yet again surprised me spontaneously by taking me to the casino in Niagra Falls where we started our date all over again Our time flew by, and our conversations were endless..

Ladies who described T's touch here were is magical.. and most of all sincere. He knew exactly how i wanted to be touched, and cuddled me afterwards till we woke up.

Thank you sweetie for knowing how to treat a lady

Licks & Kisses

0260Under5 Hide | Delete | Ban
Apr 15, 2006
A Pit Stop Sounds Fun......XOXOXO

Alisha_1818 Hide | Delete | Ban
Apr 14, 2006

Ur Body So Pretty Nice N Sexy...MMMMM....


jaden70 Hide | Delete | Ban
Apr 9, 2006
Gorgeous, and such a sweetheart...I'm devastated i'm so far away..After chatting with T i'm thinking that it would be worth a flight, just to spend one night with

smjsd Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 30, 2006
mmmmm honey, my one fantasy now will be a night with you. I need to feel like the only women alive in that night.
Your wish is also my command.

butterflyisback9 Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 27, 2006
I've known T for awhile now, and he really is such a sweet, hot, sexy man! He has this awesome quality of making you feel like your the only woman alive! He's got incredible stamina, love the marathon sessions, makes you hot and sweaty and truly fucked all over! mmm. Looking forward to another round babe! Next time, use scarves, not rope! lol

womanforyoungman Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 25, 2006
Clothes off, ass up, face down.....YES!!!!!!...this guy knows how to get down to business!

juicysweet77 Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 23, 2006
This guy is real, sweet, funny, intelligent, thoughtful, classy--what more can I say? All in all, a GENUINE GENTLEMAN!

T's got a calm and comforting presences and it was an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know him. xo m

Princess694u79 Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 21, 2006
T is a true gentleman in every sense of the word!! He's sweet, funny and sophisticated. You can't help being seduced by his warmth and tenderness, surrendering mind and body to an amazing touch leaving you craving more. His lips & tongue give you goosebumps and take your breath away (and he definitely makes your back arch Phrats; well worth the trip!!!!)

He's the perfect combination of caring and gentle yet forceful and rough...even a bit dirty and nasty! Stamina...absolutely mindblowing!!! Good luck keeping up to this one ladies!

An amazing friend and lover and I'm so glad he's a part of my world and my dirty little secret!!! Ice cream, monkeys and pussy cats....Love you babe!!xxx...Mimi

tomcat748 Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 21, 2006
u are simply gorgeous i would love to meet u for some passionate foreplay and lots of sex u are awesome xxoo always debbie

Phrats Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 16, 2006
Princess I met him thru invite today and I want. An impressive circle of friends is testament to that fact.His invite alone made me clikon 'accept' without chekin his pro.Gentleman...Yeah..I got that and it made my back arch.Why the hell am I so far away coz I'd have a go round at keepin this one Babe.Excellent testamonial and you've sold cream monkeys and pussycats..this is my testimonial..he is sex on legs xx

LotsASwing Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 12, 2006
He´s hung like a horse...
wonder if i could take it all...

alexanka Hide | Delete | Ban
Feb 5, 2006
T.. you truly are amazing.. You have schooled me in the fine art of pure unadulterated sex with no inhabitions.. you have passion that is second to none.. Ha didn't know I could squirt..

ABluEyedbaby Hide | Delete | Ban
Jan 26, 2006
mmmmm...very sexy...this milf would love to fuck this young stud.

Smutlove001 Hide | Delete | Ban
Jan 12, 2006
I love to wrap my lips around his cock. Very sexy guy..

butterfly00992 Hide | Delete | Ban
Jan 9, 2006
T is an absolute treasure! Sincere and kind, and passionate as well! He's the whole package. In bed he asaults your senses, that leaves you tingling long after he's gone. If he ever settles down, the woman who gets him is the luckiest one alive! thanks T for a great night, that I hope comes around again. ps..My apologies for the whiplash from the *muah* C

mamazita5 Hide | Delete | Ban
Nov 27, 2005
mmmmmmm.....Que rico!!! Beyond this wonderful,charming,classy,elegant man knew how to make my fantasies real, he fucked me so hard all night i was begging to stop as if i was being ,he was so passionate and sensual and very rough in sex.On the other hand,can be a true friend that cares..Very generous and honest.His touch is really special can knock ur socks off!!! Ladies,you wont be dissapointed,he can fullfil your lust and desires.Makes me laugh all the time.Your the best lover and friend i had.
your nanosi

little_one2000 Hide | Delete | Ban
Nov 21, 2005
Well what do I say that hasn't already been said. Gentleman, oh hell yes! I've never been treated so kindly....till we got to the bedroom. Gentle Man, yes and no. He has a gift of combining strength and agression with passion and softness. Ladies, hook it up and make sure you ask him to use his special toy!! OMG!!!

Ontsquirt Hide | Delete | Ban
Sep 28, 2005
Something about your touch drives me wild and makes me beg for more.
You can make any lady feel like a queen as you spoil her with your charm and of course that sweet ass and soft lips along with that hard cock, the purrrfect combination baby.
Lets Get Nekid

beautiful6905 Hide | Delete | Ban
Aug 6, 2005
Well, I would like to say first off Thanks for the Wonderful week-end, I felt like a princess all week-end! ur a very honest,funny, caring, soft, and REAL guy. its not that often you find a man like this. dont loose this trate its easy to keep but hard to get back once you let it go!

Beth202 Hide | Delete | Ban
Jul 17, 2005
All this praise, and all deserved. A gentleman in the classic sense; educated, refined and intelligent, who also fucks like a minx. Very European in a 'James Bond" sense. Thanks T, Sue & Mike

goodstudent4u Hide | Delete | Ban
Jun 28, 2005
Ok is your gentleman! Our date was a treat from the very beginning...this man knows how to make you feel like a princess. After a fabulous dinner he took me home...he's a great kisser, which got me warmed up for the fabulous fucking that lasted all night long. He had me screaming so loud his neighours were banging on the! (This man has many talents!) And afterwards, he was still a perfect gentleman =0) What else can I say? He's a treat I'd recommend to anyone.

blondeeblueeyes Hide | Delete | Ban
Jun 2, 2005
Well.....hopefully ladies reading this page will get an oppertunity to meet this man like i did...The day started off great, hes sweet, smart and overall a sweetheart. We went back to his great place....and i was in for a treat...AMAZING KISSER ill tell u that! later that night we got down to business...this man has a tongue of wonders, he made me so wet and moan so loud...i loved the way he used his hands....he fucked me so well...his nice thick cock was wow! To top it off he grabbed my hips and slammed my ass for quite some time before shooting his nice hot cum in my ass....Well...i had a great time with you babe!!! I hope we do it again

imincalihm Hide | Delete | Ban
May 23, 2005
Beyond the gentle touch, and the intense sex, beyond the strong will and the kind heart, this is a man who can be not only respected but adored. And if I don't know him forever, at least I've learned that people like him really do exist, and if I need to forget, it will take me a lifetime.

WildCouple_4_U Hide | Delete | Ban
Apr 17, 2005
Hey Baby you have a very sweet & sexy dick that I could play with all night long, I can't wait to meet you in person.

fireyparamour Hide | Delete | Ban
Mar 17, 2005
He's great. Very sweet ~grins~ I had a wonderful time with Him. Really great guy, and lots...and lots of fun heh

kevwil29 Hide | Delete | Ban
Jan 6, 2005
Ladies, for the experience of a lifetime, be sure to contact this guy, you will not be disappointed!!

Phrats 37F

5/8/2006 9:16 am

JEEZUS T!! Ur gonna have a hit squad afta u if the other guys in here see this!!! ROFL Or.. u'll have em all ringing u wanting to know how the hell they get some of wot u got Babe, still wish I was closer and still love ya work and the way u work it. I LOVE this group of urs..always somethin cool goin on in the posts and blogs. Still smilin at wot I just read.. Ur a class act Hun and ahhh... Gimme some..Pretty please Stay Hot. Ciao. Phrats xxx

T_Scupido 39M
22 posts
5/13/2006 9:55 am

Thank u for your sweetness Phrats.. If u lived closer it would have meant trouble for the both of us..

You have been very supportive and ladies i am attracted to know what they want and know how to get it.. i know u got that baby..!


Nasty_Habbits 32F

5/14/2006 11:18 am

WOW.....I Have Read A Few Profiles....But Yours Has Me Physically and Mentally Swept Away..

How can i book a date with you...?


TO_BBW_Squirter 55F
2 posts
5/19/2006 7:26 pm

Wow .. such rave reviews mmmmmm very impressive !!!

rm_leon9306 53M
1 post
5/25/2006 12:31 am

T_scupido esta buenisimo yo lo estuve mandando besos cuando cambiaba sus fotos en la ventana de su correo, es muy agradable su imagen, pero no logramos hablar el solo ingles y yo español

tinkerbellelol 34F

5/25/2006 6:33 am

hey huni, you have me blown away, shame i didnt live closer because i would love for you to show me what i have been missing. good luck and keep having fun, tink xxx

ayeayeaye3 62F

6/3/2006 2:33 pm

OMG....I FEAR YOU'D KILL ME!!! you sound awesome honey, and thanks for the interest, in my next life i'm coming back'll keep reading your messages and live my life vicareously through you....take good care, stay safe xxoo Jodie

Phrats 37F

7/15/2006 7:35 am

OOHHHH! she screams into her pillow! hoo! ... Poor me
I WANT SOME!!! Why do I come here? It always serves to drive me insane with envy and want...
Oh no! thats right I come here coz this IS the way I get to share you and I love it So proud that I have you in my network. (I can 'namedrop' hehe) mind boggles and then it just gets really sexy for you
C u on da net Gorgeous xxxxxxxxxx

rm_wetblkclit4u 45F
7 posts
8/12/2006 4:13 pm

Looks like someone has what it takes.... damn

wilddesertchild 46F

11/20/2006 3:41 am

Wow hun....didnt realise there was guys like u on here...and u really winked at little old ME???

Reading yr profile made me curious...reading what the ladies have to say about u make me sad dat in so far away....

Thanks 4 making my day atleast...even tho we will never meet maybe we will chat one day...I HOPE!!!

BUt den agian it must be a fulltime job just to read all yr raving reviews on how about making a little time for me??

And then I woke up...

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