A Night Out With T.. This was Written to me by someone i met here on AFF  

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6/4/2006 12:29 am

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A Night Out With T.. This was Written to me by someone i met here on AFF

I’ve seen him around before. How could you miss him? That body, that face, oh my god, he was just perfect. For me, for many. What are the chances that he would find me special? Some maybe, but what a fantasy come true to know that he wants me, in his life, in his bed.
His name is Tony, and he is just amazing. I ran into him last night and this is what happened when we hooked up.

I saw him at a bar. He was surrounded by girls, and by guys. The girls were fighting for his attention, and the guys were hanging around, in hopes that some of the girls Tony rejected would decide to flock their way. I was playing it cool, keeping my distance, but I must admit, my eyes wondered over there, maybe he will look my way. He did. He grinned, I grinned back, he sent a drink over, I accepted and beckoned for him to come over. “Hey, thanks for the drink. Maybe I should give you something in return? What would you like?” He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. The dj was playing a sexy slow number. “Any questions?” he said. So cocky, so sure of himself. I loved that. Confidence is such a turnon!

We danced, slow, sexual, very close to each other. I could feel his hard body pressed against mine, he obviously takes care of himself. He moved his hand over the small of my back, caressing slowly, in circles, moving down to my ass. Oh my! I like the way this guy moves. I bet he’s full of surprises! He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “you wanna get out of this place? Hang out alone for awhile, see what the rest of the evening brings?” sure, I could go for that. We walked out the door, and got into his car. We drove to his place, not far from the beach. Nice! I’m impressed Tony.

We entered his apartment, and as soon as the door shut behind me, he pounced! His lips were everywhere! So were his hands. Moving all over my body, my arms, my face, my shoulders, my breasts, nothing was left untouched. He was a great kisser, and his lips were hard and powerful, his tongue was evasive but not threatening, and I definitely was giving him a run for his money. Oh man, this guy is fucking awesome! He pushed me against the wall, and lifted my shirt up. He reached in, and cupped my breast in his hand. He flicked my nipple with his thumb, and they jumped to attention. Tony grabbed the top of my shirt and yanked. Buttons flying everywhere, my shirt just dropped to the floor. Oh man, this is so hot! He lifted my arms up over my head, and kissed my neck, my ears, my face and my lips. Holding my arms up with one hand, he moved his other hand down my body, grazing my skin, and hooked his finger over the clip of my skirt. He looked straight into my eyes, right through me, I can see the devil in his. The hook came apart, and my skirt joined my shirt in a rumpled heap around my feet. He then moved me over to his bed, shedding his clothes off while we walked. Naked and very aroused, we fell on the bed together, covering each other with kisses, and roaming our hands over each other, getting to know our bodies, and getting wet with every contact made. He was so hard, so big, can I really take it all in? I am sure going to enjoy finding out. He moved his lips further down my body until he got to my pussy. It was glistening with pleasure as he licked my opening and flicked his tongue over my clit. I was so hot, almost out of control, I writhed on the bed, moving back and forth, my back arched and my legs quivered. My eyes were rolling back and I couldn’t stop moaning his name. “Oh Tony, you are a god I think. The way you make me feel, no one else has ever been able to do that!” I want to fuck you. Now. Right this minute. Don’t make me wait a moment longer! He looked at me. Again, seeing through me. “No” he said, “ I’m not even close to being through with you yet”.

He turned me over, and licked my ass. Circling his tongue over the ring of my butt. Forbidden area, but I couldn’t tell him to stop. It felt really good, surprisingly enough. I needed to give him a bit of payback, so I turned around and pushed him down, lying flat on his back. I reached down and stroked his hot cock in my hand. I bent down, and took it into my mouth. Licking, sucking, kissing his balls, moving my hand up and down his long shaft while my mouth licked the head of his cock. He jumped a bit, it’s a bit sensitive, he said, but don’t stop, that feels fantastic! I moved over a bit and moved his cock against my cleavage, up and down, oh lord, that’s nice. “I want to fuck you now!” he said. He flipped me back over, and with one hard move, his cock was deeply penetrated into my pussy. OH MY GOD! This is what heaven feels like! He pumped hard, slow, fast, it was like my own ride at an amusement park, one I had no desire to get off of. He kissed my lips, licked my face, sucked on my breasts. It went on for ages, changing positions. Oh god, Tony. Seriously, you are just a fucking animal! Soon to become my favourite type! This man was addicting and dangerous, but oh so incredibly desirable, how can you get enough? He reached over all of a sudden, and grabbed a toy out of his night table. Oh man, a vibrating bullet? “I want you to come, do that for me, that would be the gift you can give me over any other” It would be my pleasure to do that for you, Tony. He inserted the bullet into my soaked pussy and turned it on slow. He moved the dial up to cause more vibration. “Oh, oh god! This is incredible! My body shook, I squirmed, and pulsated uncontrollably with desire and contentment. It was almost painful, my orgasm was so intense. Satisfied, he reached down and stroked his cock to make sure it was still hard, but I don’t think it could have been more so. I took him back into my mouth, and sucked, hard, harder, licking, flicking, caressing and stroking his balls again, up and down, wrapping my tongue around his cock, and running my fingernails up and down his shaft. Oh god, this is just too much! He came. Into my mouth. I took it all in and swallowed it down. Mmmmm. Tony, thanks for tonight. That was a blast, and hard for another to live up to. Let me know when you want to hook up again. I’ll be around. And with a wink and a peck, I left his place, and went out into the night.

jiverson10 33

6/4/2006 8:58 pm


Phrats 36F

6/10/2006 11:32 am

Nope; I got nussing ...'cept envy.
Damn dont some people have all the luck?
T...Arroof Baby!

lilac1964 49F  
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6/10/2006 5:58 pm

Ok, now it's OFFICIAL!!! I want this man! mmmmmm

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angel_or_devil2 36F

6/11/2006 10:53 am

wow that sounds amazing hell i didn know a man like that exists

PussyCatDoll_2FK 33F

6/11/2006 9:40 pm

Mmmmmm... Reading this reminded me of the first time i met him, and our many times out. I can honestly say being the wild bitch i am i have done crazy things in my life, but meeting T gave me a sense of security while playing, and comfort i did not know existed. With him I'm open to trying all kinds of things because i trust his judgment. He's spontaneous, wild, funny, classy, and satisfied me in many ways. Even though we have drifted apart babe i still want you to know you're the best Stay in touch...XxXx


rm_fukhor 62F

7/2/2006 3:25 am

OK, sounds fun!!!

SingleNLooking72 105F

7/19/2006 10:39 am

MMM, wow, too bad you're so far away!

Love2LickChocDck 58

8/7/2006 10:23 pm

Yummmmy sounds really good

and I would enjoy it alot!!!

kandie_sugar4u 52F

8/19/2006 6:39 pm


whiteskinbabe 56F
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8/28/2006 4:34 pm

I am 48 & NEVER had a lover like that. Shame I live in Australia. I am going to rush out & get a bullet..today... & get my next lover to use it!!!!!Tony is also sooooo smooth in the chat room..the guys could learn a thing or two from him!!!! LOL.....Go Tony!!!!

wantcockinohio 42F
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8/29/2006 2:02 pm

Is it too much to ask for a guy like this to spend time in Ohio??

SweetSilkie 47F

9/7/2006 6:32 am

mmmmm oh my....VERY close to one of my fantasies
hmmmm and he will be closer soon lol
very nice indeed...loved it
have a great day,

sexysweetgrl99 47F

9/16/2006 2:30 pm

well that looks familiar, I think I wrote that story myself. I'm glad everybody seems to like it, maybe we can have a repeat sometime...lol

shmokinMaryJane 45F  
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2/11/2007 12:58 am

sexysweetygirl99, did you write this one, or is it similar to an experience you had with T? wow, this guy sure gets around! too bad your soo far, T! I'm sure a woman in her dirty thirties could give you a good run for your money...

T_Scupido 39M
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2/15/2007 10:27 pm

Hi ShmokinMaryJane,

Sextsweety actually wrote this for me. Her testimonial is butterfly00992 back in Jan 06 when we met in BC. We are still friends and remain intouch.


wontknowtillutry 51F  
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4/13/2007 10:24 pm

got me wet

whiteskinbabe 56F
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7/10/2007 7:39 am

Why have I found this on my blog? My blog was actually set to friends only! Oh well..the quirkiness of A FF

LadyTY2Uall 56F
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10/7/2007 9:53 am

Hmmmm, it does sound like this man gets around....I notice there was no mention of a condom/protection in this story? Please say it aint so.......
Please fess up ladies, is he a one night stand kind of man or does he do repeats?
Well it sounds like he is fun to play with but not a man you would want to get attached to emotionally.....
Thinking maybe I am in the mood to play though

Pleasecome check out my group BBOW and the Men who love us
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes....proud to be Smoking Hot BBW

rm_softskin00 40F
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11/20/2010 6:16 pm

I believe every word!!! it sounds like what he did to me...LOVED every second with him

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