No choice in Love  

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6/4/2006 12:49 pm
No choice in Love

I have often wondered what people believe love to be. To them, is it that insatiable desire to be physically entangled with another, or is it the feeling you get that draws you to fight for someone regardless of cirumstance?. What I believe is that Love is not a choice, and it never will be. It would be nice I'm sure to just decide one day that the special someone next to you is the one you're going to love, but where is the passion in that. Where is the unstopable force that keeps you from walking away from them. You just can't CHOOSE to be in love, that's way way way to convenient. Love chooses you, not the other way around; However, you CAN choose what to do about love. Sometimes love rears it's face at a totally inapropriate time, in a totally inapropriate place. And what do you do?. I call this Mean Love. The kind of love that will get you or others hurt if you persue it. I agree that it is completely unfair how love can sneak up on you and change your whole world in a blink of an eye, but I wouldn't want to begin to imagine a world without love.
We can all take our chances but we must weigh the worth of it all, for I personally would rather become a hermit than bow down to love and lose friends or family as a result. The big thing is is that love will never go away once it's glued itself to your heart, yet how you handle and deal with it is entirely within your power. I could never sacrifice honor and respect for love, because if I did, that just means I was willing to lower my standards, and decrease my morals just for the gratification. And that my friends shows absolutly no class.
I commend and congradulate anyone out there who has found, kept, and nurtured love. It can be hard for it to find you, especially when it works out for everyone in the end.
End of rant T.

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