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November 14, 2005

Fellow Citizens of Blogville;

It is with great pleasure, pride and anticipation that I am announcing our law firm has secured leased office space at Tiger Towers, 69 Bengal Boulevard here in Blogville. We have leased 5,000 square feet of finished office space on the 12th floor of Tiger Towers. We were originally looking to take only a one year lease, but we have felt so very welcomed by the citizens of Blogville and we project such great opportunity for the expansion of our law practice here in Blogville that we have gone ahead and signed a three year lease.

We had orginally expected the defense of our client, TD, to take about one year and thought we would be relocating back to our main offices in Cape Girardeau, MO after the resolution of his case. We now believe there is a great unmet need for competent legal services here in Blogville. We have seen other cases of civil rights violations and abuse at the hands of the 'Not So Friendly' (NSF) county authorities and we have seen an increase in civil disputes arising here in Blogville between individual bloggers.

We will be announcing the date of our opening later this week, and we will be welcoming you to come celebrate with us at our official Open House. Please look for our future announcement.

Meanwhile, out temporary offices located above The Tail Twister Titty Bar will remain open, and we will be happy to handle your potential legal services needs from that location.

Most litigiously yours,

TTigerAtty, Attorney at Law
Senior Law Partner, TIGERS, LLC
Truman, Isaac, Gerhardt, Evans, Reubenstein and Steele, LLC

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