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TTigerAtty 62M
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12/13/2005 1:44 pm

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'Syriana' - From writer/director Stephen Gaghan, winner of the Best Screenplay Academy Award for 'Traffic', comes 'Syriana,' a political thriller that unfolds against the intrigue of the global oil industry. From the players brokering back-room deals in Washington to the men toiling in the oil fields of the Persian Gulf, the film's multiple storylines weave together to illuminate the human consequences of the fierce pursuit of wealth and power. As a career CIA operative (George Clooney) begins to uncover the disturbing truth about the work he has devoted his life to, an up-and-coming oil broker (Matt Damon) faces an unimaginable family tragedy and finds redemption in his partnership with an idealistic Gulf prince (Alexander Siddig). A corporate lawyer (Jeffrey Wright) faces a moral dilemma as he finesses the questionable merger of two powerful U.S. oil companies, while across the globe, a disenfranchised Pakistani teenager (Mazhar Munir) falls prey to the recruiting efforts of a charismatic cleric. Each plays their small part in the vast and complex system that powers the industry, unaware of the explosive impact their lives will have upon the world.

Tail Twisting Tales Rating:

4 stars. This movie requires close attention and some knowledge of global affairs, current geo-political realities and the goals of radical Islamic terrorists. Not a date movie. Too serious and requires that no attention whatsoever be paid to your date in order to follow all the complex themes that are woven into the movie. This movie will cause you to ask questions and open your eyes to the possibilities. Good performances by George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright and Alexander Siddig.


Whispersoftly5 52F
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12/13/2005 9:27 pm

I'll have to go see it - alone. Love a good thought provoking movie. Thanks for the Tail Twisting Tales Rating!


MillsShipsGayly 51M

12/14/2005 6:15 am

4 stars out of 4 ?
or is that 4 out of 5 ?

In AdultFriendFinder land, you could just say "2 Nips UP"

TTigerAtty 62M

12/14/2005 6:22 pm

Whispersoftly5 - Only go with someone else if they're the type who can sit and watch the movie without wanting to talk about their day during the movie or lean over and ask 'Now, what'd he say?' about every 5 minutes.

[blog mzhunyhole] - MzHuny, I gave it a 4 on a scale of 5, but I have also heard others say they didn't like it and that it was boring. Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

Michael_IG65 - Yep, my 4 was on a scale of 5, but some have not liked it at all. If you're interest in what is going on with the global oil situation, mid-east diplomacy and Washington, D.C. politics, then you'd, at least, be interest in the subject matter.

scarlettsflame - I wouldn't be bored! So, I could go with you, I suppose, that is if you need an extra pair of hands to hold the bucket of popcorn while you take a drink of soda! Just a thought!

TTigerAtty 62M

12/15/2005 8:12 am

Hmmmmm? **Looking up Mabelvale, AR on MapQuest** scarlettsflame, you better get the Jumbo Tub of popcorn so it doesn't run out during the 2 hour movie lest my hands become free to explore!

saddletrampsk 54F

12/15/2005 11:58 am

Tiger..This is one movie I would love to see and I would take you as my date so you could explain all the big words and hold my hand during the scary parts..

TTigerAtty 62M

12/15/2005 2:31 pm

saddletrampsk - Is that you, dear? Wow! A new pic! Very lovely! The scene where they torture George Clooney, who plays the CIA operative, is not too nice. They pull his finger nails out and then beat him to a pulp. Other than that one scene, it's not too graphic. I'd be honored to be your date. But during the movie, sssssssh, we'll have to be quiet so you'll be able to follow the plot. I will hold your hand thru the scary parts and thru the not-so-scary parts, and I will refrain from eating popcorn so that my hands are not greasy or buttery! I will also spray some cologne on so I smell good!

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