BLOG ON! *** Chapter 46  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 46

With a few mouse clicks, The Stacy Stone problem could really get out of control, and he was not a man to stand by and allow events to control his life. Instead, he was accustomed to controlling events as well as other people.

From: computergeek
To: ItalianStallion
Date: March 28, 2006 4:25 AM PDT
Subject: Need To Talk

I may have a problem requiring your help. A part of the last shipment you brought in when you were here a couple weeks ago was apparently given to a young lady who arrested and later died. Sabre gave it to her without my knowledge and did not use good judgment. Not sure we can trust him to keep his mouth shut if things get tough.

I need to contact you via a secure line. Please advise ASAP.

Don't worry! I'm on top of this!

C. Geek

After hitting send, he logged off and walked into his assistant's office.

"Hon, would you pull Alan Sabre's personnel file out for me. Bring it into my office and then you can take off a little early. We'll hit it hard tomorrow!"

He returned to his office, loosened his necktie and walked to his liquor cabinet. It was well stocked with various brands of single malt scotch. Most of his board members drank scotch and so he kept it well stocked with their favorites. He reached for an opened bottle of Macallan 15 and grabbed one of the Waterford double-old fashioned glasses. After dropping several cubes of ice into the glass, he poured himself a strong drink.

"Oh, thanks for that file, hon! I'll see you in the mornin'! We've got a lot of work to do tomorrow!" He dismissed his assistant and sat back down to his desk.

Let's see now! Where does Alan live? Oh, yeah, here in Sunnyvale. I need to program all his numbers into my cell phone. I may need 'em later. Hmmm? Just as I had remembered ... no spouse, no children, parents deceased, no close friends other than his girlfriend, Sharon whats-her-name. Hmmmmm?

After spending the next half-hour reviewing Alan Sabre's file, the well-dressed executive finished his drink, walked to his office door and flipped the office lights off.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © May, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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5/11/2006 12:37 pm

Nice touch on the single malt scotch....sleazes prefer it


TTigerAtty 62M

5/11/2006 12:52 pm

I guess I'm a big sleazeball then, Mag! Macallan scotch is my favorite! Sleazes prefer Cutty Sark, Johnnie Walker Red or Dewar's! That comment cut me deep, Mag!

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