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10/7/2005 10:53 pm

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Disease Free - Certified!

We seem to have a dilemma. On one hand, we all know the primary purpose for hooking up on this site & none of us like wasting time, ergo, we like people to have their "papers" when we meet. But on the other hand I'm sure many people say that "It's just a meet & greet and that's not going to happen". So, is it considered "good form" to wait till' the "second date" to "pop the question"? Or is it actually reasonable to ask for the papers on that first meeting?

We've noticed that on several occasions, right when we're about to finalize a get-together (after they've already said "Yea lets hook up" ) and we remind them to bring their "papers"; all of a sudden we never hear from them again.

You'd think having papers would help to set everyone at ease, but instead they seem to run from it. Is it indeed That inconvenient, or is it really That much of a "turn off"? Perhaps there's a specific way we should ask? Or could it be that in a few of these occasions, we've simply been successful at weeding out the "clean" from the "un-clean"? Please, let us know your thoughts.! Thanx

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4/2/2006 2:04 pm

I think requesting 'papers' is not a bad idea but may not be all that great just for a meet and greet. So, it will intimidate people. There are also those who don't have valid proof of STD testing because it simply isn't provided from what I have come to understand. And, then scaring off some people is what you may want to do because more often than not people lie through their teeth about being tested recently - and most times people have never gotten tested. So, it's almost like a double edged sword but do what will keep you both sane and healthy.

The best, Angel (and Tameka)

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