hmmm lots of things......  

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5/7/2006 2:22 pm

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hmmm lots of things......

lol again i dont seem to be posting as much as i ought anyways here i am....typing well my divorce finally came thru march 22 this year FINALLY it took almost forever to get to that point...i found out he went active duty army and that the person im seeing now went thru training with my ex and apparently my ex husband comes here to ft campbell once hes done with training. i am not looking forward to seeing his ugly ass face again!!!!!! lol all i know is if he says or does something wrong and i dont feel that i can be safe around him if i do see him that ill prolly get a restraing order......we shall see tho.. anyways on to other news..... LOL i been reading the weird news lately that i have access to at work... and the CT court system is putting a CAT on trial and the his owners is being chged separatly!!!! Aint that just Stupid? ( nothing againt our CT members just remarking on some stupid stuff LOL )................. anyways time to attend to a cpl other chores!!! email me if ya wanna !!!!lol TTYL ROSE!!!!

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5/7/2006 2:58 pm

Congrads on the divorce. I use to say sorry to hear that, but I get a reply "Oh I am not sorry, I am glad its over". Good Luck with your next prospect.

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