Working like a dog am i which is the reason for.....  

TNlibragirl34 32F
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9/22/2005 7:03 pm

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5/3/2012 6:02 pm

Working like a dog am i which is the reason for.....

me not being online as often....LOL or been able to put up a new post...

Anyways i have a new riddle for u all.... and it is.......

There are ten bags containing marbles. Each bag has at least 10 marbles in it. Nine of the bags contains only marbles weighting 10 grams each. One of the bags contains only marbles weighing nine grams each. Each bag has a different number of marbles in it. All of the marbles look exactly the same. The riddle is how can you know which bag has the nine gram marbles if the only device allowed to be used is a weighing scales which you can use only once?

the awnser in a few days.....

ok lol so again im sorry i havent posted lately since my work schdule runs from apprx 11 am to 8pm i work like a dog and when i come home im exhazusted...LOL

my life doesnt have too much to tell...

just ask me questions whenever i get onlne from now on ill be checking if u poisted questions here or emailed to but i do prefer that u post em here. so again if there is anything u wanna know just post it....

TTYL Rose!!!!

walldodger1969 70M
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9/22/2005 7:29 pm

And the answer is????

TNlibragirl34 32F

9/23/2005 8:36 am

lol walldodger someone has to guess first...

rm_bored_in_tn 44M/34F

9/28/2005 1:34 am

Is it the weight, 10 or more in a bag equals 100 grams or any equivalent ending in a 0 above that, the bag with 9 gram marbles are 90 grams for 10, and the next amount of marbles would be 180 grams, 270 grams and so on? (so if one bag with marbles has a weight that is not ending in a 0, it must be the 9 gram marbles)

MillsShipsGayly 51M

9/29/2005 11:57 am

I am taking my marbles back from you and going home ....

this riddle is too difficult
wanna make out?

MillsShipsGayly 51M

9/29/2005 12:35 pm

OK OK OK assuming it is a scale with two platforms to place the marbles,

You take 2 bags and place one on one platform; the second on the other. Keep loading bags two at a time until one side shoots up to the ceiling. Then you know that bag was the 9 gram one.

rm_bored_in_tn 44M/34F

10/1/2005 1:10 am

Putting all the bags on the scales and removing one at a time, when the weight deducted by a certain bag is an odd number it's the bag with the 9 gram marbles?

Heck, we'll admit it... not a clue... what is the answer?

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