bareass naked in the sunshine  

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5/6/2005 12:29 am

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bareass naked in the sunshine

well, it's my weekend once again, and am i ever ready for it! i must admit, too, that the last two days have been just great... i've spent most of each day sunning naked on the back porch, sitting on (in?) my aqua hammock and floating in the hot tub (that's only about 93 degrees!), listening to old rock and roll and singing and jamming. and, of course, being naked in the sunshine always makes me horny as all hell. (well, alright, i'll admit it: the wind blowing makes me horny, the stars out at night make me horny, storms make me horny, watching snow fall makes me horny--you get the picture!) and there i was, working my little heart out tonight and my cell phone rings... it was an old lover, chris, in town for the evening. his company had a major nashville emergency and he had to come in from hotlanta and take care of some things... and so... he figured he could take care of me, too, while he was here! haha!

so at midnight, instead of coming home, i went straight to the marriott and chris' waiting big dick. what a shame, huh???? you know, for a woman who is so out of practice that there is no humor in it, he seemed mighty pleased with everything.... ummmm... (that was the sound of me humming... LOUDLY.. on his cock). and it was very interesting to me, too, that, though it's been a while since i've seen him (and i've already shared that i've grown a bit reticent where abandonment-sex is concerned), as soon as i walked in the room and gave him a big hug, i asked, "can i get some water?" and peeled clothes right off, right down to the bare naked big, brown bodacious 48DD girls whose little faces were puckered and ready for his attention. (and, boy! am i ever glad i shaved my legs today!)

so... i got in just a little practice (yes, a large cock, but a little practice!)... and it was all good. but since i didn't get off work until midnight and he has a 7:30 board meeting, a little practice was all he could really afford on this trip. but you know, if he had washed that nonoxyinol-9 off his penis, i am quite sure that i would have devoured him once again.

but (she says with a mischievous smile) there's always next time. and i do stay pretty hungry.


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