Ruminations.. for thin men....  

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4/26/2005 12:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ruminations.. for thin men....

you know, i've been ruminating about some things, and one of them is how much i wish that SOMEONE would take aside all the very lean, gawky teenaged boys who feel like their parts don't go together and don't know what to do with their arms and feet, those guys who are called names reserved for those who are very thin... and TELL THEM: honey, people make fun of you now while you're a teenager because you're so thin... but you just wait. you're going to have the last laugh on them. because when reed-thin boys grow into the men they are to become, they usually have two or three very distinct advantages over the "average" guy. ONE: as an adult, your clothes will fit in an amazing and appealing way--you'll look absolutely regal in just an average outfit, and completely STUNNING in anymore more than an average outfit. TWO: you will probably never have a weight problem and you'll forever be able to eat absolutely anything you want and not have to worry. THIRD (AND BEST!): you will most likely have a nice, big, thick dick... one that women will drool over when they think about it, one that--if used properly--will be the basis of many women's fantasies. you see, size of one's penis is determined by blood flow. and when you're a thin boy (growing into a lean man), your body can devote a BIG blood supply to your penis. (alternately, boys who are always chubby have the exact opposite problem, i'm afraid.) so as a man, you are most likely to have a handsome, thick, lovely, oh-so-desirable cock....

and if someone would assure most thin young men of that fact, they would have far fewer insecurities about their sex appeal. hm... maybe this should be my mission???? haha!

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