Kar a oke night  

TJVH 52M  
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3/23/2006 5:37 am
Kar a oke night

Hello everyone,

Last night was Kar a oke night! This is something I do every week. My friend that usually goes with me couldn't make it so I was solo. I am happy to say that this didn't last too long. One of the cute waitresses was showing me lots of attention but she is married so you never know if that will go anywhere. She did bring over another girl who was there by herself, just a "20-something" but it was fun to chat. We all went out to breakfast after the bar closed. Last week I won the cash prize but this week I had to pay my own bar tab...lol. I am working as a bouncer tonight, tomorrow night and Sat. night so we will see if that brings about any good story material. Give me a shout and feel free to ask any questions you like. I am a very honest person and nothing is "out of bounds." I enjoy a good phylosophical conversation now and then.

Talk to you all soon,


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