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5/18/2005 12:56 pm

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I know this is a sex site and people do a lot more than just sex here. They talk and make friends.

I was just wondering how many people get tested for STD's on a regulare basis. I go every three months for STD's and so far nothing...but I also use condoms.

As for the HIV test, who does that? I just did my first because my Dr. said people who are sexually active should do it.

If someone shows you a clean HIV test and clean STD tests, are you more comfertable to sleep with them or not? I feel comfertable enough to show anyone the test results and I feel EVERYONE should be tested.

I would like to hear some feed back.

Barbiebunny69 43F

5/18/2005 2:46 pm

Tb actually i fo get tested for everything including HIV even i do practice safe sex every 3 months. Its a piece of mind for me..and something everyone must do.

Im glad ure smart enough to do it! It needs to be talked about more.

rm_the_taker 44M
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5/18/2005 4:21 pm

I just gave blood yesterday, they have a mobile clinic that comes around every two months. I think that is the easiest, since your doctor will be notified of anything, and you are helping people who need it. I am a universal donor and it really doesn't take very long. You never know, you may save a life. Although, regarding your question, I try to be careful on the front end about who I am with in the first place. I prefer serial monagamy for that reason.

daighi 49M
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7/14/2005 4:57 pm

It's very important to be safe in this world,I'm glad to see that you take precautions.Long may you continue to enjoy safe sex!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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