four months  

TB49er 40F
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10/20/2005 12:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

four months

Four months have come and gone and I still miss you. Tonight is a hard night and I don't even know why. I miss your laughter and your smile and the funny way you would enter a room. Everyone is still trying to deal with your death and it is hard. Sometimes I sit and stare at your picture and think I should have known you better. I should have taught you more, that is what older sisters are suppose to do. The anger is comming back and I know I should be but I hate the world at times.

I watched the video of you and I miss you so the song says. It's not easy to say goodbye.

ShavenStud05 43M

10/20/2005 4:19 pm

The pain and anger will only ease with time. Situations happen and it's hard to take when they are out of your control. I find that rejoicing in the memories of happy times spent with a loved one who past seems to make the day a little brighter.

Babel__Fish 45F

10/21/2005 6:40 am


TB49er 40F

10/21/2005 7:59 am

Babel you are perfect, don't change. I enjoy you in the groups.

gonzo729 53M  
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10/21/2005 3:32 pm


pederonnial 31M  
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10/21/2005 5:21 pm

your gorgeous luv

rm_texasmermaid 46F
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10/21/2005 11:57 pm

I dont know why I decided to look at your blog tonite...but i did and I want to mop up your tears and give you a big boobie hug!
I never had a sister... but if I had one I would have wanted her to have you great personalty! You are special.

TB49er 40F

10/23/2005 12:06 am

Awww Mer it means so much to have you say those words to me.

CuteAZguy27 39M
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10/23/2005 7:37 am

*wraps my arms around you, and holds you close* I know exactly how the pain from inside feels, i recently started thinking of my dad again due to the season of Christmas thats coming up, and i said out loud not even realized i did "Dad, oh i wish you were alive" I shed my tears but today is another day and im trying to keep strong.


Babel__Fish 45F

10/23/2005 3:11 pm

<< can not *leave* or not post without 'saying' that I think you are perfect in many ways....will mail you this personal part.

wife4stranger 57F

10/23/2005 7:46 pm

Oh sweetie.....I'm sorry you had a bad night. I can't say anything that others haven't already, and better than I could. I just wish I could really hug you though and let you cry it all out on my shoulder. ((((((((Tb)))))))

Luv ya,

rm_ridemenow100 43M
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10/26/2005 8:29 pm

We all miss someone. Check out a singer songwriter from Ireland. He is over in the States now recording maybe releasing some music. Don Mescal. I think he will touch a cord with you and maybe help a little. He will be really famoum really soon. Trust me. His album is out in January. Trust this lonely Irish Boy!


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