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TB49er 40F
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10/11/2005 7:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

chat groups

It's funny how you can find out little things about people. Like when they go into these chat groups and start talking. They bring up peoples names and start talking about then. The person is not there, but why should they stop? They leave the chat group and guess wht....that person they were talking about come in and can read eveything that was written about you...amazing. Some people are just stupid!

keithcancook 60M
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10/11/2005 9:36 pm

LOL, that happened to me once or twice in the bloggers chat.

ShavenStud05 43M

10/12/2005 2:01 am

I think of it as a way to find out who you can really trust.

TB49er 40F

10/12/2005 7:43 am

Keith but they had to be talking good things about you.

I agree Shaven, you can never trust the ones you think you can.

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