He wants to please me  

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5/26/2005 1:05 am

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He wants to please me

He looks up at me with those puppy dog eyes I love so much. I can't break I must keep him in anticipation of my touch. I lean in and with my teeth I bite down gentle at first, then harder on his nipple. As I move up to see his eyes I see them get filled with tears, but he holds back.

"Does that hurt?" I ask in my concerned voice.

"Yes Ma'am," he replies.

"Do you want me to stop?" I tease.

He knows I choose what to do as I toy with him more.

"If it pleases you Ma'am," he replies.

I smile and move down to the other nipple. I know I can be gentle or hard on him and he will not show any emotion. He has been a good slave so I take is slow and gentle. Then when he has thought I am done I bite down hard to reassure him that I am in charge.

He loves to please me to make me unhappy is not allowed on his mind. I know this and I use it to my advantage. He knows if he is a good slave he will be rewarded with the chance to taste me. He longs for that,. it is his joy in life. To taste and savor my juices. If I am very pleased with him and this rarely happens, I will let him inside me. He loves to feel the soft and warmth of me, but to have this he must be a good slave. On the rare occasion, I might even let him cum.

I go to the closet and take out a white T-shirt. A new shirt, never been worn before. I place it on the bed and tell him to put it on. He does this with haste, he knows what will come next and he is looking forward to my task.

I tell him to follow me and I head to the kitchen. I go to the pantry and act like I am looking for something. I push a bottle of spaghetti sauce onto the ground. It hits the floor and glass and red sauce go all over the place.

"Look what you Did, are you going to clean it up or do I have to?" I yell at him.

He hurries to mop and knows he will be punished. As he starts to clean up I go to the fridge. I take out the orange juice and open it. I dump it on the floor.

"How can you be so clumsy?" I ask.

"sorry Ma.'am I will be more careful." He hurries to clean up the mess. I smile knowing he is trying to keep his shirt white. He will do anything to please me and to get a spot on the shirt will displease me.

I stand back and watch as he cleans the mess I have made. He is so handsome, but I must remain strong and not let him know I want him. To have him inside me would be such a pleasure for me, but I can't think that way. I must make him work for me, I must make him earn the right to have me.

I look down at him and want to kiss his lips so bad. I hold back. I lean down and in a tone he knows too well I say, "you have a spot of orange juice on your shirt."

He looks down, he has failed me. "Sorry Ma'am I will do better next time."

I stand up and reach for the wooden spoon on the counter. "You must be punished now." With that I smack his butt fifteen times with the spoon. Not a whimper comes from him. "Get dressed and leave I want you back in 12 hours, don't make me unhappy again."

"Yes Ma'am." He goes and gets dressed.

As he walks to the door I stop him just before he opens it. I can't take it, I must have some contact before he goes. I kiss him on the lips, one lustful kiss so he knows I really need him to please me next time. I smile and let him go.

Next time HE WILL complete the task I set for him.

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5/27/2005 7:22 am

That was the most interesting story I HAve ever read. You kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next. I truly believe that you could be a famous author.

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