Losers UnLimited and the Occasional Jealous Woman  

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4/22/2006 12:35 pm

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Losers UnLimited and the Occasional Jealous Woman

redwing641962 (We can only hope this was true and he will not be back, as this was accompanied by only a shot of the naked lower half of an overweight man))

Hello, don't always assume that just because someone doesn't have a pic posted that they are hiding something.
I just prefer not to post my pic....it's that simple.....I'm single, attractive, fit, clean, classy, stylish, outgoing...I just prefer some privacy....
muchclass ((...what part of "I am not interested in your reasons for not posting your face picture" is unclear...?))

Hi Totally Hot
As I was scanning, I saw your pic and thought you were a very attractive woman. After reading your profile, I realized I couldn't have been more wrong. Your outlook on life in general is repulsive. I'm sure the men you met thought the same thing. You must be a real treat to be around. It is no surprise that you needed a second profile.
By the way, this is the male writing. I normally wouldn't write anything as I don't care about what people think or do, but you are a bitter, hating, and cancerous woman. I needed to get the bile taste out of my mouth after reading your profile.
sexykitten801 ((one doesn't know which to feel sorrier for, assuming that this IS a couple and not just pretending to be one))

You sound like you need a fat dick up your ASS!!!!
roady6622 ((this one seems to have wandered here on his way to GayFriendFinder))

Not to burst your bubble baby but this is a FUCK site NOT a sugar daddy site or a dating service.
You put your ad on here looking for your knight in shining armor and when you get attention from the men looking for a fuck, you get on your high horse and start preaching to the world!
Personally to me your nothing but trouble, I was married to one and now the rules.
And in response to your time geing so valuable, get over it!!!
cockroach1962 ((well at least he has chosen the correct name for himself))
I read your profile, and although you seem to be a very intelligent, and sexy girl, I find your ad very agressive. I am sure many guys will find it very intimidating, but ok, let us change subjects.
I attached my face pic, so let me know if you would be interested. About me, basically I think I fulfill your expectations, (and believe me, your theory that if you do not have a face pic in your profile is because you are hiding soomething, is wrong. Many of us do not have it, because we do not want to be recognized by other people who might know us.).
haina29 ((If you are ashamed to be seen here, then you should not BE here...))

Rather self absorbed and stuck up aren't we ?
smokedmw (( yes, he certainly is))

Totally, I can have a limo pick u up on saturday night around 8pm, we can go to dinner, then some gambleing; and yes I'll pick up the check; but what are you going to do for me. In your profile you left us hanging about that part.
scubadive01 ((this was accompanied by a cockshot, how extraordinarily UNappealing))

...you tell it like it is. must be pissed at the world. Get back if you want. Single-Dave.
...think you might be a little stuck on yourself. Umm look around., you are not all that.
anyothernames ((hmmm, I am so 'not all that' that THIS one wrote me twice))

baby..you aren't hot enough to have that kind of an attitude
gamebreaker2 ((only naked pictures from this one, can his face possibly be that bad...?))

Too bad that I am on the other side of your age requirements. If I weren't then you could expect to be treated in a manner befitting your stature, appearance and feminine essence. But alas, this handsome, successful, bright, smart, intelligent and articulate, and WELL experienced Oakland County attorney who enjoys the finer things in life, including his women, who is foot loose and fancy free, will have to look in other directions, or perhaps at more age suitable women who cannot compete with his energy and vibrancy.
redwing82343 ((there was a half a page more of the same blah blah...accompanied by a picture that put the lie to all of his claims))

ALLKNIGHTER007 ((No comment needed on this one))

you are not that hot you are nice to look at but do not think you are all that this is a sex site get over your self you dont have to insalt people to make yourself fell better about you do you?? im not trying to be a dick but people like you that take it for granted that everyone should be like you need to be nocked down a few pegs so fuck you and have a nice day
allaboutheass ((well, he IS most certainly an ass...))

after reading your (quite judgemental) profile, i was left wondering....
why would a person as perfect as you claim to be need to post a profile (twice) on this obviously sleezy website?
mark62c ((accompanied by a photo of a loose abdomen above what appear to be black lace panties))

am very interested in seeing what your all about
italiananyone ((acompanied by a cockshot))

I reread yur profile. Is good chance I write you before. We can never have too many friend...if ever need to talk...since friendship is very nice things. I think I like girl at new bank I go to anyways, but talking to people..who are normal, and going place making difference. Yur call angels...i know is excuse but since I'm all over metro Detroit area on daily basis and work for basically the best sedan company, I'm sho nuff not posting it. Over have the fotos u see or at least us as guys see are reposts of fotos people once posted
scout773 ((This one was titled "I can see u are a writer...I want to write a movie"....apparently NOT an English-language film))

u seem quite demanding but that is good
i like what U WROTE gibe me a ring that is if u dont mind police... im a cop in the D
FORGOT MY NUMBER 313 980 2099
rebell827 ((this illiterate wrote TWICE and still managed to forget a face pic))

Wow, you really have not had any success on AdultFriendFinder have you? I agree, my experience has been pitiful.
ClassybutKinky ((his main photograph is of his backside, which is as distasteful to have thrust into my face as would be a cockshot - pitiful, indeed))

I am only e-mailing after reading your blog. I enjoyed your blog and you have some pretty nasty e-mails to show in reaction to your profile. You have the classic electric fence profile many women on this site finally adopt after being spammed by perverts and married men. So would a man who was smart, had a great job, was single and a capable of having a real relationshop really bother going to dating sites?
SinPleasure2 ((this is the embodiment of WHY a fence goes up, he is married and in California))

Ok i have a little gut, but you know what i always have. I was in the service for 5 yrs. and the never got to that idea weight by the books. I'm a gentle guy that has a heart of gold. So very joe blow you get a e-mail from won't really tell u who they are. That's the darn truth and you know it. I'm more open about myself then most men are. Hell i clean house when i was married and cooked, every weekend did the laundry. And you know what i'm not a shame of it. I go out of my way for anyone that's really needs it and isn't playing a game. I'm a skilled trade planner for a oil company in Detroit.
jakes3923 ((the picture is a LARGE gut with three chins - why do men set themSELVES up to be abused like this? why say you are something that your picture completely disproves..?!?))

i think i fit your preferences but you are a total asshole. i will fuck you though i am rich so i will bang you if you come over but i wont go out with you in public because you probably act that way everywhere. but, yes i would bang you left and right. you get treated the way you deserve to be. howey hardcock
hungandoral2 ((a petulant child so insecure of his 'manhood' that he had to name himself after it - his profile claims "...above average looks.healthy male endowment.financially worry free and unlimited time to travel and play" why do I doubt that any of his claim is true.....? ))

Hey There!
Is this what you had in mind for a discreet, no strings attached, sexual encounter with a hot and horny guy? We could have a lot of adult fun together. No games here.
buttnasty2004 ((this IS what I had in mind as the type of cowardly crude rude ignorant pathetic desperate cheating fool who would ignore everything that I specified on my profile, see only what he chooses to see, and send not a face pic but a cockshot - and if this sounds harsher than my norm, that is because I witnessed several women in the Great Lakes chatroom voicing their outrage at the bitter FILTH this man sent them in e-mail when they also spurned his advances. One can only feel sympathy for his poor spouse))

Like Italian men?My name is Giorgio....new from Naples, Italy (Jan 06).....I am a working model...self employed and good at it.....Hope we can talkm soon....Ciao'Hope you enjoy the day.....is gorgeous....and so are You.
P. S. make an exception on the age.....Grazie mile....
operator2525 ((more ego than intelligence here - and of course this one sent three pictures, none of which was of his face))

jd29992z 54M
3888 posts
4/22/2006 1:30 pm

Those are just too funny! And I like those little add on you write the "loose abdomen above what apper to be black panties" line was great. See you JD

rm_sixftblonde2 61M/53F
4 posts
4/23/2006 1:29 pm

You knows what's amazing to me...after almost 11 years of having a similarly strict profile on this and other sites, we have received exactly ONE such hostile email (occurred during a scientific experiment see: [post 293966] )

We're guessing it has to do with the fact that you are a single female on this site, and we're on here as a couple - most of these guys must not even bother with couples' profiles.

As for the comment above that this is a "FUCK SITE" - I think this is a guy who actually believes AdultFriendFinder's marketing ads that say "Get laid tonight, hot women here." Too many of these people do not understand the concept of having an open-minded lifestyle and think it's just about having random sex with whomever is nearby and has nothing better to do at the moment.

Keep posting, girl....

Scout773 43M
4 posts
4/23/2006 10:21 pm

Wow Sorry - should have written u when sober since the details of writing u are still a blur since been partyin little too hard after work lately and after coming home went friendfinder writing/rambling. Also, if I knew I was a featured member on "losers unlimited", I wouldn't have written back. I hope you find what you seek. Have best days...Scout

Scout773 43M
4 posts
4/23/2006 10:27 pm

Wow Sorry - should have written u when sober since the details of writing u are still a blur. Been partyin little too hard after work lately and after coming home went friendfinder writing/rambling. Also, if I knew I was a featured member on "losers unlimited", I wouldn't have written back. I hope you find what you seek. Have best days...Scout

fmisvme 46M/36F

4/26/2006 1:51 pm

Hilariously funny blog...good luck!!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

SirMounts 102M

4/27/2006 6:15 am

Geez, I found Myself laughing at the text, while feeling uneasy about reading things intended to be private. The unease won out, and I did finish your post. Still, quite an innovative idea.
Welcome to blogging, Totally Hot. *smiling*

fmisvme 46M/36F

4/27/2006 10:48 am

What the fuck...

"Sweet heart..i do hope all is better than dreams. U know angels....I'm just regular guy and lil shy too approaching girls out of No where..I mean for example u cum Dttroit...
I'm not rich in cash...but is truth and xlent------angels as friend...give ur boyfriend book -by Mantik Chia - Please go Amazon and get...how men can learn to have many climax in just 1 session"
authored by Scout773

...maybe posting on your blog was a bad idea, now this person is e-mailing us...no idea what the heck he is saying however. Enjoy blogging and continued success.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Scout773 43M
4 posts
4/27/2006 10:29 pm

Oh my...I have been a bad boy : ) Was So blitzed last night I barely remember getting home, let alone writing anyone on AdultFriendFinder. Folks what we have here is a repeat offender of TWI (typing while intoxicated) -- Oops. I need to start playing video games after partyin instead of TWI.
I will translate what I must have been trying to say -
The shy thing must have been telling why I'm hear since if I asked out the countless girls I come across daily I probably wouldn't be here on AdultFriendFinder. Though I'm not rich in cash, thankfully I am in knowlege. So I will share a MUST read for your boyfriend (and ALL who read this for that matter!) Get the book -The Multi-orgasmic Man by Mantik Chia. After mastering the techniques the book teaches a man can actually climax without cumming; therefore literally last as long in bed as he desires. It is truly incredible. I can't say enough about the book. It is most excellent, and every man who masters what is taught will be more than amazing in bed...even Better than the pros. I wish someone told me this 15 years ago. To all who read this, take it easy and better than well--SCOUT

waerlookin4fun 50M/46F

4/28/2006 12:58 am

Has anyone noticed that this "womans" profile picture is NOT a pic of herself????????? come on sweetie, if you want to see other peoples pics at least have a "real" one of your own I at least know it's not you!!!!!!! And as for your "bashing" go fuck yourself" hey hun, gonna deletle me again or are you all for free speech?

T0tally_H0t 43F
1 post
4/28/2006 8:21 am

At least this pathetic foreigner has clearly shown himself to be a psychopath who should be avoided at all costs by women...I will leave his maunderings posted as a public service, but he will be blocked from posting any additional ramblings here, enouch is enough

Paul4348184 60M
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5/4/2006 1:24 pm

Alot of people on here are all talk and no action. I'd love to meet you. Sorry to see you go as I just discovered you. Good Luck

rm_life_seeker 68M
4 posts
6/21/2006 4:42 pm

What surprises me is that people who have made a decision to lead a lifestyle that strokes against the norm can be so personally intolerant of others.

oneeleven4444 35M

7/1/2006 9:59 am

Hi, I like your blog, just wondering if you would be interested in talking sometime, possibly becoming friends?

All_Right_Stuff 40F

8/26/2006 1:11 pm

Like this post. Gave me a very good laugh.


8/27/2006 2:44 pm

There are some real loosers on this site.

Sailor376 62M
2288 posts
10/11/2006 8:07 pm

Hello Totally,

The odds of you receiving this are slim, but the plea for intelligence and common courtesy struck a chord. I have 'warts'. I am not your perfect match. So treat this as a compliment and encouragement.

I am looking for something less, or maybe more than what is normally sought here. A friend. Someone to sail with on Lake Huron, the occasional show or concert, lunch, or just someone to yak to about a new idea. A friend.

In your search for such, I wish you the best.


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