Jury is out!  

rm_Syntex72 44M
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4/12/2006 9:56 am
Jury is out!

Well i had to go to Jury duty yesterday and let me tell you it was dull. I get there at 8:30 stand in line for 15 minutes while we are herded through a weapons check point. Like Im some kind of talaban terrorist!

Then rushed to the basement where I am sittingina roomw ith 100 other people just as missrable as me. No one wants to talk to anyone, no matter what i try. They do have a dozen r some computer set up with internet access, but of course all taken by the time i get there.

Then this asain guy makes a mistake and gets up to get coffee. I swoop down and steal his spot. I get online and realsie there is nothing i want to look at at all. So i play with Yahoo and ebay some.

3 hours later they fianly relase me from my missery. i rush home thinking "shit I got the day off I can play WoW all day". (WoW = World of Warcraft) and as my luck that day would have it the game is down for system matiance. so i took a nap and cleaned. yay me and my fun day.

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